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[ The West, Day 04 ] : Travel Day

After two jam packed days at Yellowstone and Grand Tetons we packed up the van and set course to go back toward Salt Lake City… the rest of our adventures would be further south.

The hotel we stayed at the previous few nights was the Best Western in Idaho Falls and it was great and had good breakfast options.  The staff was friendly and everything was clean.  We would definitely recommend it…

In the planning for our trip, I felt like just a plain travel day was a waste of a day so I tried to find something to do along the way to break the drive up…  and… drumroll please…

Hail the world’s largest baked potato…


Yes, you read that right… the Idaho Potato Museum.  It wasn’t a huge museum but it was worth the stop… (I posted the pricing below…)  They had the history of potato crops, some cool facts and trends and even the worlds largest Pringle chip…

And yes… that is baked potato ice cream… is it potato or is it ice cream… or is it ice cream that has been shaped, cut and rolled to look like a baked potato!  OH! And… check out the legend/folklore about the reason why Marilyn Monroe was dressed in a potato sack…

After our exhilarating time at the Potato Museum we finished up the drive to downtown Salt Lake City.  I had used Priceline to snag a downtown hotel for super cheap…  Downtown Salt Lake is clean and kind of cool…  it does have a bit of a weird vibe but…

That evening since we hadn’t had lunch really… baked potato ice cream counts, right?!?… so we did a semi-early dinner.  On vacations we like to try DDD (Diners, Drive in and Dives) restaurants that have been featured on the show with Guy Fieri.  So… we bellied up to the table at The Red Iguana.  It was a smaller-ish hole in the wall restaurant…

The Red Iguana is known for their Mole sauces…  to be honest and reveal our lack of culture… we had never had Mole… they brought us a small plate with samples of all their Mole sauces.  Ummmmm….


We are not Mole people.  We did enjoy dinner… just not the Mole.


[ T R I P T R I C K S ]

  • The drive from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake was just over 3 hours…  easy, highway driving with beautiful scenery… marriages of mountains, sky and greenery.
  • The Idaho Potato Museum information can be found here :  Admission was $18 for our entire family when we used our AAA discount.

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