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My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

  • [ The West: Day 09 ] Zion National Park

    … literally my favorite… The night before we headed to Zion, Stephen did some recon on the hike that we wanted to do. Addison, coming off the 2.9 mile hoodoo hike, simply cried when we mentioned more walking but we bribed her with the thought of “playing in the water”. Over and over again we… Continue reading

  • [ The West: Day 08 ] Bryce National Park

    Bryce Canyon is filled, filled, filled with hoodoos. The elevations are incredible, the colors are brilliant, the hikes are intense. Before we started our hike though, we found another great little diner that had amazing pancakes to fuel our day. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that when we pulled into a National Park we would… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 07 ] Mesa Verde + Four Corners

    Preface: It’s been five years since we went on this trip so the details are no longer as sharp. However, I seemingly left off half-way through the trip. So, if for no other reason than to simply finish it out for myself… I’m diving back into our trip in the wild, Wild West. Waking up… Continue reading

  • The Feelings of Infirmities

    The Feelings of Infirmities

    I’ve considered dusting off the blog for a few years now and yet… just never took the time to get out the rag and spray. But today… it seemed like a good time. Today as I was spending some time quietly this morning, and my body was aching, I read words that framed my reality… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 06 ] : Arches National Park

    After an amazing night of camping… I mean glamping, we got up early… I do mean early, not just “early”, loaded up and headed to Arches National Park.  We got up early for several reasons.  One… we had been advised that Arches National Park can get crowded and that the earlier you can get out,… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 05 ] : Moab, Utah

    When we are on vacation one of our favorite things to do is to visit other churches…  What we discovered on this trip is that the west has far fewer churches per square mile than what we’re used to.  So, after doing some digging and searching and reading we found a church to visit that… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 04 ] : Travel Day

    After two jam packed days at Yellowstone and Grand Tetons we packed up the van and set course to go back toward Salt Lake City… the rest of our adventures would be further south. The hotel we stayed at the previous few nights was the Best Western in Idaho Falls and it was great and… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 03 ] : Grand Tetons

    On Friday we dragged ourselves out of bed after our late night and hit the road for Grand Tetons National Park.    During the drive through the Idaho landscape I was able to capture one of my favorite pictures… The beauty of a simple barley field was simply inspiring… From Idaho Falls it was another 2.5… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 02 ] : Yellowstone

    After a good night’s sleep at our hotel in Idaho Falls, we got up and headed north to explore Yellowstone National Park.  We had been told by just about everyone that you would need more than a day for Yellowstone… yet, there was SOOOO much that we want to see that we decided to just make it… Continue reading

  • [ The West, Day 01 ] : Take-Off

    Our flight departed from Columbus at 7am on a Wednesday.  This was the cheapest flight option for us…  (whenever I’m look at flights I search for departures from Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis.  We are centrally located between all of these and sometimes there are hundreds of dollars of difference between these departure cities…)  The… Continue reading

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