My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…



I am not a disciplined person. You wouldn’t think I need routine. Every May I would tell you I don’t need routine… Come August… Every part of my body craves routine… Every. Single. Part.

School started last Wednesday for of our children…



Our kids are growing ridiculously… One thing I have been amazed at lately is the uniqueness of each of them… Their personalities and quirks are so them… And I love seeing them become individuals…

Maddie is head strong and constant. Charlie all boy, sometimes gross, tenacious. Sophia. If it sparkles. It’s Sophia. Addison… She’s a beast. (A lovely beast that makes us laugh).

With each new school year I get sentimental recounting my school years gone by… This year has been no different…

Madeline started 8th grade. Eighth stinkin’ grade. Can I just say… I loved eighth grade. Loved. It.

Eighth grade at Studebaker Junior High. It felt so grown up. I can’t remember daily details but the emotions and memories are so strong from that year… That year molded and laid a foundation in bits and pieces for the years to come…

Friendship. Debra and I were thrown together in a gym class after outright ignoring and snubbing each other for the entire previous year and forged a friendship that I have cherished for 20 *excuse me while I choke!* years… More of a sisterhood-surviving the good and the bad and being able to speak truth…

Courage. I sat in Dr Heids office and asked about starting a bible study once a week after school. I wanted to puke in my mouth from fear but God taught me courage. Also courage to share my faith for the first time ever nestled between lockers in the 7th grade hallway….

Beauty. I have always, always… Struggled with feeling beautiful. Sixth and seventh grade were all time lows. I have pictures…. But in eighth grade a couple older girls at church began taking me in as a little sister and one of them looked me at one day and told me I was beautiful… I remember where I was sitting. That was the first time I felt like I may have a shot at being attractive… It was huge in my life…

These three things are what pull at my heart for Maddie this year… Friendship. Courage. Beauty.

No this isn’t an all inclusive list but… Friendships can make or break you. Courage can make you bold and steadfast in your faith.
Beauty… Knowing that you are created beautifully by our Heavenly Father can build self respect, confidence, and self value…

So as I lay awake in the early morning I pray for Madeline… Eighth grade can make or break a foundation the high school years to come *choking again, excuse me…* I also am reminded to be thankful for routine and for the Heavenly Father that establishes order and gives grace and new mercy each morning as we flub through this thing called parenting….


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