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Another Year… and I Got It Easy…

Bucket Lists.  We all have them.  Some longer than others… Mine…  it’s probably somewhere in the mid-range…  I want to go to Rome.  I want to sit in a hotel room somewhere, someday and just read.  All day.  By myself.  But…  this isn’t about my bucket list…

This past Sunday Stephen had another birthday.  Dern things come around each year making us older by the year…  Anyways, on Stephen’s bucket list was going to a Michael Buble Concert.  We love his music… the easy jazz mix of standards and new stuff.  So, to celebrate Stephen’s birthday we lined up mom to come stay with the kids for the night and headed to Indy for a night out to cross one item off his bucket list.

We enjoyed Weber’s Restaurant and a great night of music.  One of Stephen’s favorite songs off Buble’s newest album is I Got It Easy.  And I must admit I never really paid attention to what the words were saying until earlier today…  

Never been in trouble, I never got hurt.
Never had to struggle, I never had to work hard for anything before, believe me!
Lord, I’ve got it easy!

I feel guilty a little, I’ve been given so much
People are dying in the dark while I’m lying in the sun 
And I sleep like a baby every night
It seems I’m having the sweetest dreams!
I can say honestly, I got it easy!

Now I’m not trying to brag about it Just wanna say I appreciate it completely

I was listening and reading the words and I’m like… wow.  I get the song and the sentiment.  

Being in ministry… no, not even because of that… just being in life and in the middle of people day in and day I run across stories.  Stories of broken relationships.  Stories of marriages that are struggling.  Stories of kids that are hurting.  Stories of financial pain.  Stories of failing health… stories.  We all have stories… but there are times when I feel guilty.  Guilty because to most I’ve had it easy.  

Normal childhood.  2 parents.  2 siblings.  Neighborhood school.  Church.  No drugs.  Married my best friend.  4 kids.  Pretty straight forward.  

The times I have struggled… we have struggled…  I’ve never really been alone.  Felt lonely. Yes.  Been alone.  No.  Felt lost.  Yes.  Truly lost.  No.  Financially broken.  Yes.  Homeless or starving.  No.  Broken hearted.  Yes.  Grieved without hope.  No.  

The biggest blessing in my life has been my husband.  My man.  My best friend.  My other half…  Each and every year when I look back at the previous I can see growth and evidence of God moving in his life: a deeper passion stirring for people to experience and encounter the God that he knows and lives for.  He has vision, dreams and goals for our family, our church, our community and the plans to impact the community and countries around us…  He is a good man.  The man of my dreams.  The man that scored off the charts in my scoring system of possible guys that I developed in the 7th grade… (yes, I am for real and yes probably the top 3 scoring categories were 1. Is he a Christian, 2. Is he older, 3. Is he taller…  for real…)

And…  he’s a man.  He draws the line at skinny jeans.  (Slim straights… yes.  Skinny.  No.)  I digress…

And while really…  we haven’t had it easy… we have had it blessed.  I am blessed.  And, recognizing that I’m blessed I pray I never assume… never take for granted… never waste the blessings that I have been given.



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