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September Memories…

September is a big month for our family…  We have a couple birthdays…  we moved and started at FBCnl in September… we got engaged in September…  

September is a month where people are gearing up for a new year…  volunteers are more plentiful…  energy is up…  it’s just a good month all the way around… anyways…

We have been rearranging stuff in our house in order to get the girls all settled in the bedroom together.  We are making the office a playroom, the fireplace room an office/whatever room… then putting the crib up in the girls room.   All of that has required some furniture moving and repurposing.  Last night as Stephen was getting ready to move an armoire that had all of our dvds in it the kids ran across a “movie” of Stephen… it was really the dvd that he had put together to go with his resume before we came to FBCnl… then a “movie” from “our old church”… it was a building campaign dvd that highlighted all the different ministries.  

Sophia came into the bedroom at some point where Stephen and I were dying from moving all the furniture around then realizing it didn’t work so then moving it all back to where we started at… but that’s another story… and say, “Dad! You were so young!”  Funny stuff… 

Anyways, they also found the CD with our pictures on it from the fall of 2005.  It was the September that Charlie turned 2.  He was such a cute 2 year old…  Since his birthday is next week I’ll post a picture of just him then… not now.  But, I did want to share one of my favorite pictures from that time.  Charlie had an incredible’s birthday party that year and this pic is of mamma and pappa at his party.  


I love it! I love it because it shows their willingness to play along and their love for our kids…  I wish it was more of a “everyone looking at the camera and smiling” picture BUT…  it isn’t and I love it.  Remembering this birthday and that season of life makes me miss pappa this morning.  

He would so love where we are all at in life right now…  He would love messing around with Ash and Drew’s boys, love Ethans spunk, be so proud of Tim and Drew in their careers, love that Ash was home with the boys, be a huge advocate and supporter of Don and Linda in their new church, Campus320, be proud of Stephen and I don’t think he’d be at all surprised that he’s a lead pastor now…  If he was here he would be at Maddie’s concerts and cheering at Charlies football games and he would know our younger girls…  

I wish he could’ve known Sophia and Addison but he will and if I really think about it, our girls are getting to know him, too.  Yes, we talk about him and his picture is in our office area but they are getting to know the man of God he was, his character, his integrity, his passion, his faith and his life because of what he invested in each of us that did know him.  Pappa’s legacy lives on, so even though our girls and Aiden, Eli, and Ethan didn’t get to meet him in person they are getting to know him because he was a huge part of all of our lives.  He poured into our lives and made made our family the way it is…  

And, it makes me grateful for pictures and memories of Septembers past…  


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  1. Dawn Etter

    Love this!!! We all have loved ones that have gone on before us and it brings happy and sad thoughts to think of what they would be seeing if they were here today!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    11 September 2013 at 10:23 pm

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