My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

From the Ruins…

I’ll walk through the fire with my head held high
And my spirit revived in Your story
And I’ll look to the cross as my failures are lost
In the light of Your glorious light

Let the ruins come to life in the beauty of Your name
Rising up from the ashes, God You forever reign
And my soul will find refuge in the shadow of Your wings
I will love You forever and forever I’ll sing…

This morning we introduced this newer Hillsong song to the church. I had listened to it several times earlier this week trying to learn it… Then sometime around Wednesday I was listening intently to the words and the phrase Let the ruins come to life in the beauty of Your name
Rising up from the ashes, God You forever reign
became highlighted in neon…

My mind has been on the past quite a bit lately… Not pining for the past but reflecting. This September we will be in New Lebanon at FBCnl for FIVE full years. Now I know that’s not crazy long compared to the 30+ pappaw spend at FBCV but… By ministry standards its significant… At least to me. Anyways…

The years that led up to us moving to NL at times were filled with ruins. And I never considered them glorious. Some of them I still can’t consider glorious.

Some ruins were from fires started by those around us. Other rubble was completely of our own making.

All those ruins at times were simply surrounding us and paralyzing me. I never saw the beauty of them or really desired them to “come alive”…

What’s cool though… As I sat this week trying to learn this new song I was hit… Washed over by the overwhelming truth that God… The God of yesterday, today and tomorrow… Of the ruins still around me at the ruins sure to come… Those ruins come alive only in Him and for His glory. His faithfulness is so daunting… (I think that’s the word I want…)

For years some of the ruins I wanted to forget. To hide. To make disappear… I don’t know if I ever considered walking through the fire with head held high. That seems slightly crazy but my word.. If my spirits revived in Your story why can’t we walk with confidence in Him?

After All this rambling, please check out this song… And if you’re anything like me… Rest. Don’t try to hide your ruins. Learn from them. Lean hard into the Savior as you navigate through them. But don’t be ashamed of the ruins.

Head held high.
Rest in His story.
Find refuge.
Let the ashes rise.


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