My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

In the Still of the Night…

it’s not nighttime right now… in fact it’s the beginning of a new day… 7:11 am to be precise… but I’m pretending it’s nighttime.  not because i’m sleepy but because.  my favorite part of the day is the quiet and stillness that the night brings…  midnight and i haven’t met lately (i’m getting old)… but i’m sitting here with hot coffee and thunder outside with a quiet house… Madeline has already caught the bus to start the day, Charlie and Soph are still snoozing away and the man is at the hospital with dear friends that are ready to welcome a beautiful baby boy into the world.

all seems well at this moment…

the past two weekends we’ve actually had normal people weekends… crazy, i know.  it’s been such a nice thing too… family time and friend time.  you don’t realize how much you miss a Saturday that’s a Saturday until you get one back… or two!  the pumpkin patch met it’s match last weekend and we conquered Charleston Falls too… i forgot the camera but we snagged a couple pictures on Stephen’s phone… i just need to snag the phone…

this Saturday was filled with a scavenger hunt… it was a blast.  we won.  what did we win you ask?  nothing except the honor of planning it next year…

another oddity… yesterday the only person i had to get ready for church was me.  all the kids were with grandparents.  that was strange and so very lovely… not for forever, but every once in a while… it’s nice.

the next few weeks have been spinning through my head…  they are full, full, full…  and almost all of it is stuff that i’m excited about… but it makes me a little *eh* too… it is so hard to hold onto the everyday blessings when time is slipping through your fingers and it’s those everyday things that are so incredibly precious…  seeing your husband march behind your 3-yr old singing “we’re following the leader” from Peter Pan… that is everyday precious…  grocery shopping three Friday’s in a row WITH my husband… that is a simply quite nice.  having money (even if it’s only a quarter) left in your food envelope at the end of a week… that’s a victory.  praying for families that surround us that are dealing with more life than we are right now… that is an honor.  and it is those things that sometimes get lost in the shuffle.  which is why i love the quiet that surrounds the night.

however. in ten minutes i must stop pretending it’s nighttime and get another child ready for school…  it was nice while it lasted.


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