My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Stealing Time…

On Thursday I boarded a plane headed for Alaska… To steal a line from a song… It was “Alaska or bust”.

Stephen, my brother, is gearing up for deployment and I headed north to fly back with my sister in law and niece. It was a sacrifice… I read two books on the way, people watched and drank a white chocolate peppermint mocha from Starbucks.

It was a different sort of trip… It was a twelve hour stint with a three hour layover in Minnesota and its the first time I’ve traveled by plane all by my lonesome.

The thing that struck me as we we were flying over Canada (probably… Not really sure) is that we fly into the sunset for over four hours. It was as if time was standing still and we were cheating the clock.

There are many times in my daily life that I wish for more time. Sometimes i need more time for big things and sometimes I need more time because I’ve wasted the time vie had. And for a moment… For a day… I had managed to gather an extra four hours.

The thing is, I could do nothing with those four hours… I didn’t have a laptop with me to squeeze some work out or work on a project. I had no craft supplies with me to whip something up. I didn’t even have phone access to catch up on calls or scheduling or anything like that. And if I’m being completely honest… It was so nice.

I function on lists the majority of my time and there are moments when I’m one step from the ledge of insanity and to a few hours where time stands still was an incredible gift.

The funny thing is though, in life there is almost always an equalizer and tomorrow I face that equalizer. The flight home. Flying home I will lose those four hours that were gained… But thats alright.

To unplug is incredibly nice but the thing is… When its time to get plugged back in ones normally ready to get at it again. List in hand. With running shoes laced up.

So… Heres to reentry… And to the man that held down the fort, did the kids hair, did the school work, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and got ready to serve the Word up tomorrow am and made it possible for me to enjoy three days of being unplugged.


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