My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Tail Kickin’

Alright, this whole 6 am thing is for the birds.  Madeline catches the bus at 7 so I’m getting up at 6 (or 6:15… or like this am 6:25…) and it is kickin’ my tail.  Part of me likes it but it’s still tough.

I have not gotten up this regularly since my Senior Year of high school.  BUT… on the positive side… it’s now 10 am and I have been dressed for over 3 hrs.  My dish washer is running, as is my washer and dryer, everyone ate breakfast… and honestly no one was crabby this am either.  All of that… is pretty nice.  I’m just hoping that at some point my body will be reprogrammed.  I’m a night owl and love, love, LOVE the peacefulness of a house at night… a normal bedtime (for me… not the kids!) was between 11 and 12.  (The perfect time at night is between 11 and 2 BUT… that only happens on rare occasions…) So recently I’ve been tired around 9:30 and headed in around 10 but my body still doesn’t know it’s supposed to sleep then…  given time I think it’ll work.

Anyways, this post was useless so I’ll upgrade it by posting a picture from vacation…

In front of the candy store that literally has the worlds best pralines... promised! (It's in Savannah)




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