My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


This past week I went back to Vandalia for bridal shower of a good friend of our family’s… Miss Autumn.  She was one of our babysitters… not often because she was always in high demand… but she was also part of the early days of children’s ministry.  She was part of our first team that helped lead worship on Sunday mornings, etc.  I think I’ve known her most of her life… but I digress…

At the shower were the old faithfuls… the ladies that had come to each of my showers, both bridal and baby…  The ones that are at most showers and that have played a part in a lot of people’s lives around that church, no matter what season or phase it was in.

It was so sweet and precious to see the ladies that were there… to be able to hug the neck of a lady that has been in a way a Naomi to my life…  But…  as I was there I realized something.  I still call Vandalia my home church because that’s where I grew up and spent the middle 22 years or so of my life at.  That’s where I was experienced the highs and lows of growing up… celebrated the victories and licked the wounds of defeat…  But I realized that while I will still probably always call it my home church it no longer felt like my home…

A transition has occurred in my life and it’s a healthy one… a good one… but a little bittersweet, too…  FBCV is no longer where I could (figuratively speaking) walk in, throw my coat across the couch, kick off my shoes and let my hair hang down…  It was a slow process but FBCnl has become my home… It’s my passion and it holds my heart.  It will be my kids’ home church…  It’s where (to my husband’s chagrin…) I kick off my shoes (literally) for band practice…

One of the coolest things that I have experienced in my life was the night that Stephen was ordained.   He had invited the deacons at FBCnl to be a part of the ordination board and so the board was made up of deacons from both churches… along with his dad and great uncle…  and it was so much like a passing of the torch experience…  a ‘giving of the bride’ type moment (for me… I can’t speak for Stephen…) That time in our life… the year and a half prior to us coming to FBCnl was such a raw year and a half.  Quite honestly, there were moments that could be equated to hell in my mind… but through adversity comes growth and the growth and preparation that occured in our family was beyond what I could have ever guessed.  Another lady that knew the story and saw us walking through it weekly said one day to me that we were on an accelerated learning course and that there must be a purpose for the acceleration…

Little did we know…  That in God’s timing and with the passing of seasons we would end up at the church that has become our home.  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity that has been given to us to walk along side the people in this church and do life together… whether hard or easy.  We’ve celebrated the victories, the baptisms, the stories… and we’ve hit our knees in the chaos and turmoil…  God is moving and we aren’t sure why… but it is such an honor to be a small part of the life change that’s happening here at home.


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