My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


I’m sitting at the desk and was blog-browsing and I finally took the time to look up a blog I’ve been hearing about for a few days via Twitter.  A lady in Colorado who is only 36 years old suffered a massive stroke a couple days ago and is hanging on a thread.  Through her blog you can get a taste of who she is and man… she’s a mighty fine Christian lady who’s doing life to the fullest right now with her two daughters and husband.

Life is so fragile and you tend to forget that when everything is going right as rain in your world.  (Oh, you can catch her story here…)

Lately, we’ve been hit with the frailty of life.  Not personally and not within our own four walls of our home but within the walls of our church and the circle or our friends and now through the virtual faith family.  Life can sometimes be really stinkin’ messy and unsure and my heart at times aches beyond words for those that are close to us who are battling for their children, their marriages and their health…  So much.  It’s also a reminder that because we are in a blessed spot of life right now… we are able to outpour to those around us more…

We picked up Chris Tomlin’s newest CD at Family the day after Thanksgiving for $5 and hadn’t listened much to it and two weeks ago…  Stephen had it playing in the bathroom and this song caught my attention.

I love it beyond words.

His name IS Faithful and True.  Not simply that He is those things.  But truly He is known by that name… It’s His identity.  He IS Faithful and True.  How precious in these times and trials that are swirling around those that we hold dear.


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