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Beautiful Idea…

I was talking with a friend and she mentioned that she set this system up for her meal planning and I think it’s brilliant.  Beautiful.  Life Altering.  Phenomenal.  (Need I go on?)

She set up a file in Excel and spent time and time and time on it until she got what she needed.  I almost asked for her file but I didn’t have the courage.  Besides… it was tailored to her family and our needs and preferences would be different.  But here’s the gist.

She has her week laid out so that each of the seven days she makes one meal out of each category:  Beef, Chicken, Pork, Casserole, Crockpot, Fish, and Leftover Night.  She has columns with each set of recipes in it.  She adds a comment to the recipe noting the ingredients needed.  If it’s an online recipe or if there’s online coupons that she uses regularly for an ingredient item she adds a link so that all she has to do is click to access the coupon or recipe.

Then when she is making her list for shopping all she has to do is look in each column…  pick one recipe… write down the ingredients…  if she has an expensive meal (i.e. steak…) she balances it with a cheaper chicken or casserole recipe.

I’ve just started my list and I’m working on it but the above is what I’ve got so far…

Just wanted to share in case it would/could help your new year resolution of spending more… eating in more… whatever the resolution may have been.


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