My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


Life is full of possibilities. Some exciting. Some scary. Some life changing and some so simple that only you could get excited about them…

Stephen and I played some mean Donkey Kong last night and were talking some things thru for the new year. We are so excited and blessed to be a part of our church family and get in on how Gods working in our friends lives. Just yesterday we saw evidence of God moving person by person thru a newer family at church.

It has been awesome to see this happen multiple times over the last three years and watch how God has transformed entire families.

I digress

Possibilities are endless on stuff and sometimes possibilities are good but crowd out the best. And its so exciting to have a plate full of opportunities. Kinda like a buffet. You can either enjoy a bite of everything or go for your favs … The best… And dive in and endulge.

In church life its so hard to fill your plate with fewer but better and fuller things. I want to taste it all and yet I can. Well, I can try… I have tried… I do try… Unfortunately and something suffers… I end up with no room for dessert.

Anyways, this new year bring new possibilities and great promise… What’s on your plate?<


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