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Chocolate Snobbery…

I was blog-browsing and came across a comment that I had to comment on and now I’m posting on a subject that is dear to my heart…. or rather my derriere… (which sadly I used to figure out how to spell that word…)  (I’m digressing…)

Confession:  I am a chocolate snob.

I will eat M&M’s or a Hershey bar but mostly in popcorn or on a smore…

If I crave chocolate I don’t want the American kind of chocolate that is easily and cheaply accessible.  I would say that I’m weird however, I’ve always thought I came by this snobbery honestly and confirmed it yesterday while on the phone with my mom.

Years ago… years ago, I remember mom being really picky about making sure she got Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chips ONLY to dip her famous (in our world…) peanut butter balls and coconut squares.  Then years later there was a switch and an upgrade to Ghiradelli 60% cacao chocolate chips.  These are slightly higher in price but Sams sells the bulk bags and that is what we both use now to dip with.  So, as I was saying I was introduced to the concept of inferior or superior chocolate at a very early age.

The problem comes in with the deterioration of America’s chocolate society.  Hershey has gotten cheap and their common chocolates are just falling by the way side.  Have you noticed how light a tootsie roll is now?  They used to be darker.

So, what is the good chocolate?  Does it still exist or are we doomed to cruddy chocolate in this great land of ours?

In 8th grade my parents traveled to foreign soil and came back with the goods.  They visited Great Britain and Scotland and came back bearing gifts of Cadbury…  heaven.  Heaven.  HEAVEN.  The draw back… once you go good you can’t go bad.  You can’t.  Well, you can but it’s never the same.  Hitting the grocery store in search of

Cadbury I came to realize that in North America Cadbury is made by Hershey.  HERSHEY!  Come on…  So, the search continued.  There is a Great Britain import shop in Huber where Igrew up that carries MOST of the time authentic Cadbury but at some point they didn’t have so I went online thinking I could import it.  Nope.  I think Hershey has importing of the real thing blocked.

Now, please know I’m not deprived.  I eat chocolate…  but, still once you have good chocolate you want to experience it again.  We have a local chocolate company, Esther Price, and they are good.

They are close and they are good but they still are not the good stuff.

Please welcome to the stage… Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate.

Please meet your new friends.  The Green & Black Chocolate Family.  Green & Black is organic and fair trade and is good… good… good.  Target sells these friends so if you’re ever in the mood.  Pick up a bar, grab a cup of coffee, a good book and enjoy a quiet afternoon.  Nothing is better.

(My favorite?  The peanut one… the almond… I’m a nut person but any have been good.)


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