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Back To School…

As I mentioned in my previous post… school is back in full swing and I’m trying to get a grip back on everything. I’ve been doing a ton of computer work lately (not repairs) and while I love it… it takes so much time!  Anyways, that is the start of my excuse for not posting back to school pictures before now… so, here they are!

Madeline the FOURTH Grader!!!

Charlie the FIRST Grader... (ps... he loves this shirt!)

Ah... they appear to like each other!


...or not!

And they're off...

They are having a great year so far… if you include Charlie sneaking off to buy school breakfast, me owing the school $10 because of the breakfasts, him giving a girl gifts on the bus… him thinking that there aren’t consequences for not doing spelling homework…  and yes, school has only been in session for just over three weeks.  However, all of these things (while we did correct them) have been able to laugh at… whether with him or later when he’s not around.


2 responses

  1. i can’t believe your girl is in 4th grade!!! or that mine is in kindergarten for that matter! =) time is certainly flying by!

    15 September 2010 at 9:08 pm

  2. Wow… they look so grown up! Precious! 🙂

    8 October 2010 at 7:56 am

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