My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Oh, Monday…

It’s finally acting like it’s almost summer… humidity I can deal without but eh… you take the good, you take the bad…  you know, it’s the facts of life…

Sorry, I believe I’m in a mood this morning.  My Maddie has headed off to start her LAST week of school!!!  My Charlie is sitting on the couch in iron man pajamas singing to HSM Singalong for Wii…  (Sidebar, he is a total baseball freak this year!  It’s been really cool to see him starting loving something.  He has chosen baseball over spongebob several times the past month.)  And my Sophia… all I have to say is she’s a wreck.  We found her last night in the kitchen with a BAG of chocolate chips up to her

mouth… her mouth and face covered in chocolate and the floor littered with chocolate chips…

I would brag and say that it’s 9:30, actually BEFORE 9:30 on a Monday morning and I can already see the bottom of my laundry basket but then I would have to admit this…

Yes, it’s all clean and yes, Pam, I’m sure you are having a heart attack right now…  I’m sorry.  Send me the bill.

This past week I finally broke down and faced a problem.  This past February, I didn’t blog much because I was holding on my a toenail.  Life was insane and I wasn’t coping well…  I started having scalp issues and I know it was related to stress.  Well, I started taking some supplements and using Sovereign Silver on it.  I finally broke down about a month ago and asked at a beauty shop what I could use and they sold me some Nioxin stuff…  Nothing was working.  I FINALLY went to the doctor last Wednesday.  He told me I had psoriasis but was a little baffled becuase I don’t have it anywhere but my scalp and then prescribed medicine for it…

sorry, it’s a crappy picture and it’s sideways but this little bitty bottle is full of liquid gold… it burns like NOTHING else (probably due to the fact that it’s 30% alcohol)… and cost $85 but it’s gold…  pure gold and my head is clearing up FINALLY!

Well, I’m in the middle of about twelve things right now…  1. submitting a Pampered Chef show so I stay qualified, 2. laundry, I suppose I need to fold, 3. dishes, 4. kids summer clothes (I need to take inventory, which may have been better to do BEFORE we went to the outlets this weekened…) 5. chord charts for summer music (I love worship music…  which reminds me…

Check this out… you won’t be disappointed.  (Well, maybe but then you’d be crazy too!)

Enjoy your day…


One response

  1. Some medicines are so worth the ridiculous price tag. Glad you are getting better. Isn’t life crazy?

    3 June 2010 at 9:54 am

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