My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Food for Thought…

I packed my son a official Army M.R.E. for lunch today… I just pray he can get the thing open to eat it. And hopefully he likes it because if not he’s gonna be hungry. Nothing like mac&cheese in a pouch, flat bread and pretzels… he was excited and it was quick. THanks, Uncle Stephen. We made need more if he like’s it. Anyone know where I can purchase those in bulk? (Side note: Have you ever noticed how many calories are in ONE MRE?!? Almost 2000!!!)

Last night, I made heavenly sugar cookies straight out of the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook. They were beyond divine.

That’s all for now. My life is taking my time: school (4 classes… hello), Pampered Chef (although it’s been slow… I have two shows next week though), church (getting some new brochures and post cards done), piano (taking Maddie to lessons and playing every other Sunday takes time), the house (don’t get me started… it’s not bad but it ain’t good), yearbook (yeah, I need to start on that thing soon…), along with various other things that I haven’t been able to say the word no to… argh… so, the blog must suffer. sorry. (not that it means a ton…)


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