My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

News You Can Use…

Well, not really but it’s the only title that was slightly catchy… yeah, not even that but I HATE coming up with titles.  Anyways, there are a few news flashes mostly for those of you that know our family and care…

First, I passed my classes.  Yup, I passed them both.  One of them I ended up with an extremely high A.. it was intro to 2D.  I really enjoyed that class in general and look forward to maybe taking more of that type class.  I don’t know when that may be but I’d love it if it worked out in the future.    The other intro to the computer class… yeah, I should have had a better grade (don’t get me wrong I pulled a B) but I suppose I’m a little too much like my father…  I don’t see the point in memorizing things that I can look up…  I don’t feel the need to memorize all 12 printers names (Harry, Ozzie, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, etc. no joke I promise) in the design department, what type they are (laser, inkjet, color, b&w), what size out put they have, and what rooms they are in.  There’s a paper with that info on it thank you very much.  Anyways… that’s my mini-rant and I’m done now.

In other news, two Fridays before Black Friday (yes, that is definitely a HOLIDAY!) I thought I can down with the swine flu.  Turns out, nope.  I had an infection in my upper, inner thigh area (can you tell I’ve been to the doc) probably caused by an ingrown hair.  They tried an antibiotic and it gradually receded and was doing really well through Thanksgiving THEN it started getting worse.  So, last week I ended having to go under the knife…  (as my anesthesiologist says, “Is this your first surgery?”  Me: “Yes”  Him:  “Well, it’s about time don’t you think?”) and having the infection drained.  I’ll spare you the details because they make me gag but we’ll leave it at this…  I have a whole new appreciation for nurse who do wound packing.  It’s gross.  The good news is that my incision is healing up REALLY well and I should be good to go within a couple weeks.

We have our Christmas production this weekend, I think it’s going to be great.  We are using a song by Andrew Peterson called “Labor of Love” that I love.  It’s a really pretty, kind of haunting song that’s really good.  Anyways, Wendy and Brian do a great job on it…

Christmas Shopping is almost done.  There’s just a few minor things left to grab for a few people and we will be good to go.  We’re going to Nashville next week and I’m thinking we can probably finish it up at the Opry Mills Outlets.  We’ll see.  If not there’s still a week after that for shopping.

OH… I am so excited about my Christmas cards.  Okay, I should say I’m excited about the concept of my cards…  I have to snap a couple more pictures and then send them off to be printed and then you’ll see them.  I’ll post one when I’m done with them.

Well, dress rehearsal is approaching so I’m signing off for now.  Again, we’re all alive and doing well… buckling down for the last couple weeks before Christmas… making lists, checking it twice.  Getting ready to cook and bake.  Needing to finish Christmas cards…  you know the drill.  (And loving every minute it of it).


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