My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Long Time Coming…

Okay, this is the first of a couple posts for you… my long deprived two people that read me.  We’ve been back from FLORIDA for two and almost a half weeks no and not a word from my site has come.  Sorry.  When our airplane landed our feet hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since.

School hit full force for three of us in this household.  Stephen has had to launch into church business.  We have exciting changes… I know I said the c word…  this Sunday we go to two services.  It’s not a move so that we can say we have two services but it’s simply a fact that we’re full and we need more space…  we’re growing.  A great ‘problem’

In other news… politics drive me crazy.  All I have to say is this…  come on November 2010.  That is all. Take it how you want it.  I’m passionate.  I’m frustrated.

Also, the flu hit our house.  But the good news is I think it may have been more food issues than the flu.  So far no one else has puked… wohoo!

Again, totally unrelated.  Right now my brother, Stephen, is in basic training down in Fort Benning, Georgia.  We just found out (okay, I just found out… mom or Heidi knew a few days ago) that placed second in some of his training for his company… GO STEPHEN!!!

Okay, this one is closing out.  I’m watching FoxNews and I’m getting heated.


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