My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


I love that song by Buble’, don’t you. If you don’t know it, youtube it… you’ll love it, too. Promise.

Anyways, I’ve been flipping through posts by other people wanting to figure out my thoughts and post but not really able to collect them in an order that would make sense. Still probably won’t but hey, this is my world so as long as the thread connects in my head that’s all that matters, right?!?

Yesterday we had Summerfest at church and it was an incredible day… I mean incredible. A couple guys our age at church took on this whole festival idea (the church normally does an annual 4th of July picnic and this transitioned from that event…) and completely ran with it and it was awesome.

We had four HUGE inflatables, popcorn, cotton candy, popcorn, snocones, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, face painting, 10 cornhole sets, hill-billy golf, volleyball, mud volleyball, bluegrass, Isaac Pittman who did an accustic set, and our guys from Sunday morning. We had tents and lots of people… we estimated between 500 and 700 people came through.

It was so cool to experience. A lot of the people came through I didn’t recognize and I know they were from the community and a lot of the time we heard, “This is ___, she/he’s my ____” Word of mouth advertising and invites were huge! (And the weather was beautiful!)

Church has been going really well lately… there’s a buzz and it feels like we’re on the brink of the next steps, whatever that may be. We’ve been full each Sunday morning, still, and it’s summer. Space is an issue that we’re facing right now in our worship. Stephen has actively been looking/seeking/praying for the right and man, and his wife, to come in and lead our student ministry. We need some leadership badly and once we get the right person in we have potential like crazy…

This week we saw our band leader’s, Brian, wife baptized… on Easter he was baptized. In a week his mother-in-law will be baptized. One of his good friends who has been playing bass with us, Travis… also one of the funniest guys you’d every meet, came forward deciding that he needs to make his commitment public by being baptized… It’s been incredible to be on the sidelines and watch God visibly move from person to person to person working His way through this family… it’s crazy and so exciting. At the same time, watching some of the younger generation step up and make some claim to FBCnl as their church… Nick and Audra and Todd… they spearheaded Summerfest and did a fantastic job. They all grew up in the church, well Nick married into it, and now they’ve made personal investment into it… This is what it’s about… a body of believers investing into the future.

Stephen’s been preaching through a summer series about vision and it’s been a really good one. It has been really interesting to see different people rise up and say, “I’m not sure where I need to be exactly but this is what I’m thinking/feeling… I want to get on board the vision of FBCnl.” And we were talking last night about the various gifts and talents that God has allowed and how he has given this church a really good set of tools through his members…

Anyways, all of that to say… this is becoming more and more home to me. It’s becoming more natural and more fitting if that’s a good description. It was this week last year that we met with a couple of the men from the church… and we’ve been here almost 10 months now. We’re still only 30 minutes away from ‘home’ but God is allowing home to shift. Part of that is painful to think about but it’s a good shift. We have been able to see several people from ‘home’ in the last month and it has been really nice to catch up and just soak up the ol’ friendships…

Last night, Stephen mentioned to me that he had found out recently about a church that had considered him as a pastoral candidate and he never knew about it. In talking through it he said something to the effect that he never knew he was a candidate until this weekend and as our time continues on here there’s more and more evidence that we are where we were designed to be. We are supposed to be here. We were called to this church at this time for His purpose for this community…

Confirmation makes this home…

Completely switching gears a sec… if you could remember my bother and sister-in-law… they have some major life changes coming up in teh next couple weeks… Stephen is leaving the marina where he has worked for 6, 7 years maybe, I’m not sure… something like that… maybe 5… (graduated in 2002… two years at school… 2004… marina in 04/05…) okay somewhere in the 5 year mark… anyways, he will be leaving there within the next couple weeks.

On August 11th he will report to Fort Benning in Georgia for basic training and MOA (I think) training. Then in December he will continue into paratrooping school and then in January he’ll start Ranger training.

On top of that, Heidi’s reserve unit had been mobilized several months ago for Afghanistan… yeah… good timing huh. So, she reports to her unit on August 4/5 (can’t remember) for her three week training and then expects to be have to report for deployment in late December/early January and in Afghanistan by February.

They are expecting about 18 months of separation which majorly stinks. They’re good with it and have it plotted out but if you could remember them… they’re faced with a long 18 months… (and they don’t and won’t know where ‘home’ will be until the end of January! So their home will be with my parents for whatever they are not in service mode…)

Another gear shift… My sister-in-law will find out what they are having next week… she’s feeling girl… I know I love the brown and pink stuff out right now and so I’m feeling girl but we’ll see… they are in the process of buying a house to make their home and the bank is dragging the process out so they are being faced with moving out of their apt before they close which means they’ll be moving back home, too! Man, there’s a trend going around our family… moving back in with the ‘rents… or in-laws depending on how you look at it.

Well, i’m heading off of here… I have not one single thing on my calender today and it’s WONDERFUL! I have a couple phone calls but that’s it! I had one last thought that has been resonating through me the last week or so and it’s this…

When I was in high school I was heavily involved in music… which I’ve mentioned before. Concert, marching, and jazz band. Accompanying the choir at school. In youth choir at church. On a worship team rotation. And playing some for churches who needed fill in pianists… I loved it…

When the real world hits I came to realize that there really isn’t an outlet for everyone in music… even in the church world and it’s not a negative it’s just a fact… it is what it is. (which, sidenote, is why I firmly believe that if you have a child in high school who is able to plug into high school activities-music, sports, etc. while staying active in church and earning some sort of money (whether it’s babysitting or even just a summer job to develop a work ethic) LET THEM PURSUE their passion while they’re able to. It’s not a real world thing and most people hang up their instruments, gloves, or gear upon graduating. Very few can make it work into even college and fewer still as a career… okay, enough of that opinion…)

So, for 9 years I have only played the piano at our house and maybe, MAYBE a handful of times for a small church that needed a fill-in maybe once a year if that. While at Vandalia I was able to experience a lot of the technical aspects of worship and worship with the children, which there is NOTHING sweeter than worshipping with almost 100 children singing praise to their maker… NOTHING can take that cake, and it broadened my experience to the worship ‘experience’… it’s more than the music… But, when we moved here it leaked out that I played the piano. I went on the rotation schedule reluctantly once a month. I enjoyed it and was asked on twice a month, which is where I’m at right now… I had forgotten what it felt like to make music… not just experience it. But to be a part of it. There is something that wells up within you when it all clicks together… So, I have been totally loving playing again and really it’s been my first time playing as a group for worship… yesterday I was able to play at Summerfest and Brian had lined out a set that included several of the songs we’ve been doing for worship along with some good ol’ songs… Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Home Alabama, etc… and you know, I love worship music but there is just some fun music out there and I loved having the opportunity to play with those guys… I think I did okay, but I could have done better… but it is what it is… My biggest goal was to not ruin the set… I loved it and hopefully I get the opportunity again to ‘break away from the music and just feel it…” I was accused of having to read everything… quite true but I’m trying.  Anyways, it’s been nice to reconnect to that lately.  It may sound silly, especially if you’re not a music person, but it’s been very fulfilling to play again…  

This post is way to long and I apologize… pictures will be put on tonight or tomorrow…


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  1. whew!! that’s alot on your mind! it’s a good thing you didn’t have anything on your calendar!
    i love that you are getting confirmation over where you are. i love it when God does that. home is a good place (and even better when michael bublé is crooning in my ear. love that guy)
    hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. your celebration at church sounded divine.
    now i’m gonna go get me a nice glass of sweet tea and savor a bit of summer.

    16 July 2009 at 1:24 am

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