My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

And They Call Me Crazy…

All I have to say is this… summer + two kids (well, three but I’m speaking about two right now) + time + something/probably sin = FIGHTING KIDS! 

Yesterday, they picked to bad back and forth… and part of me thinks it’s like the episode on Andy Griffith where the husband and wife are fighting and Andy makes them stop and then they end up being ugly to the world instead of each other, and he figures out fighting is their love language… yeah, part of me thinks that…  but anways, they picked so bad that while we were running errands they had to give each other five compliments…  I don’t know what, or if it did anything, but at least it was quiet while they were thinking…

This morning Madeline had a friend come over for the day and to spend the night and Charlie started off foul because it’s uneven in his mind, even though we’re heading to the pool where two of his friends will be…  oh, the joys of parenting.  It’ll all be good, it just makes me tired.

Anyways, aside from refereeing I’ve been keeping busy.  I signed up to sell Pampered Chef and have my first three shows booked for the next month.  I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my kit.   

On Tuesday, I had a big day…  Wendy and went down to the local piano dealer and pounded it out for a couple hours… on the keys and with the salesman.  We’re looking at a baby grand for the church and have narrowed it down… it’s so pretty and it sounds really nice.  Then I headed to Sinclair to retake all of my placement test that I had stopped at Alegbra a couple weeks ago.  The problem was my knee… I was supposed to head back within 10 days to finish the last section so I didn’t have to retake the thing but because of three doctor’s appointments and a bum knee I never made it back… so I had to head down and retake the whole stinkin’ thing.  The good news is that I passed the thing.  I’m not sure to what level… my reading score was at college level.  My composition skills… eh, not so much.  (Have you noticed the lack of correct punctuation on here…I tend to just type/write how I speak, which is not correct… but it conveys a message… anyways) and then I qualified to take ‘Elementary Algebra’ which means I scored high enough to not take rudimentary math, or even basic math but I still could construct a pretty good argument against the fact that ‘Elementary Algebra’ is certainly NOT taught in elementary and therefore does not need to be called elementary… that’s my soap box for the day.  But all in all, it went well…

Then before we picked the kids back up Stephen and I got to have dinner at ‘Spaghetti Warehouse’.  It was the scene of our first date a little over 13 years ago…  man, that is a long time.  Anyways, Tuesday was a pretty good day.  Yesterday was a home day… I have less than a load of clothes in my dirty clothes basket and about seven on my dining room table…  

Anyways, I need to go.  I need to pay a couple bills, jump in the shower and then get the kids ready for the pool.  It will probably be a kids in teh water only day… it’s only supposed to get near mid-80’s this afternoon and the pool is spring-fed… that amounts to a little bit of chill…


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