My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Saturday Nights…

What’s your Saturday night look like?!? I generally hear someone preaching in the background… tonight?!?

Tonight was a great night… we had a cookout with our Starting Point small group. We’ve finished up the Starting Point material and it’s been an awesome 11 weeks. Anyways, we had a cook out, the guys played some corn hole, we roasted marshmallows for smores and enjoyed the sun going down…

Now we’re home, the kids are in bed, I’m laying in bed… I just finished up typing Stephen’s sermon notes (the visuals…) and now I’m sitting here talking to myself… watching P.S…I Love You and listening to a sermon in the background… (The office is hot so Stephen has the door open, I try not to listen to the preview… it ruins the real thing… anyways…)

So, that’s what my Saturday night looks like. Oh, it also involves laying out three tiny outfits, my clothes, and sometimes ironing… I’m not tonight, it shouldn’t be bad tomorrow… I lay out my music, the diaper bag and anything else that has to go with me. The least amount of stuff that has to get done in the morning is better…

Well… good night. Worship tomorrow… enjoy your family…

I’ve got many thoughts a brewing for this coming week and I’m looking forward to a Pampered Chef show given by my good friend from South/North Carolina… I can never remember… sorry Pam. If you’re close come on by on Thursday. Email me and let me know you’re coming, we’re just gonna have fun!


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