My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

From Seventh Heaven to…

Okay, I know what I was going to say next, sorry. In fact this song may be more appropriate… “And the walls come tumblin’ down…)  I made a post yesterday regarding our WONDERFUL afternoon… and it really was. Seconds after I posted my phone started to ring and the handheld was the bedroom. The layout in our house is you can walk through the kitchen(where I was) through the bathroom into our bedroom… so I started… quickly… I hit the bathroom floor and slipped and landed so hard…

I can honestly say I have NEVER felt pain like I did in that moment. I thought my leg was broken. I looked down and it looked totally disfigured then, as I was screaming like a banchee… I realized it was my kneecap instead of my leg out of place.

Whatever possessed me, I do not know… but i was able to pop my knee back together… gross I know. I almost threw up, I was seriously nauseous…

I’m sure, had there not been major pain involved my actions were probably quite comical… I scooted on my booty and back into our bedroom, my previous destination of desire… and called Stephen… he came home right away and was able to help me… actually, the kids were awesome too. Charlie mopped up the water, Madeline got me ice as I was screaming rolling around on the floor… they were pros!

We still ended going to Lousiville… we got to see some precious people from my past (how’s that for illiteration…) we also got to spend a couple hours with mammaw and Stephen’s aunt and uncle and cousins (Terry, Ann, Joel, John). We hadn’t seen them a little bit and it was wonderful getting that time with them. I know Stephen enjoyed talking ‘church’ with Terry. (Funny side note… Joel was working at the Lifeway bookstore at the convention and got seriously yelled at yesterday by a lady and her pastor husband… not funny really… but kinda funny… his bagger helper girl/lady almost cried… Joel was NOT amused… still kinda comical… not the attitude… more on picturing someone screaming at Joel…)

Anyways, we made it back in time for rehearsal tonight and it was a great 24 hours away… aside from the throbbing knee that looks like my great-gramma’s.. seriously, it’s gross. (The bruising is coming to the surface… gross.)


2 responses

  1. ohmygracious tell me you went to the doctor for that!! yikes and ouch and ohmystars!! i would have puked for sure. thank goodness you weren’t alone. glad you had some nice visits there without your knee getting in the way.
    i hope you feel better soon!

    25 June 2009 at 9:56 pm

  2. Yikes!!! I had no idea!

    26 June 2009 at 1:27 pm

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