My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Summer School & Disney Dollars…

I don’t do well without some sort of plan. Neither do my kids. I came across these books last year at the school store (one of the stores I could wander around for HOURS!) and they interested me but last summer I could barely hold on to our dear lives. We were interviewing, moving, going on mission trips, kids camp, vbs director, new baby, and more… So, I filed it away.

Well, I went in the other day and saw them again. So, picked them up. They are called Summer Bridge Activities…


(PS.  Yesterday, I caught Madeline telling someone that she’s homeschool… no… you’re doing school activities at home during the summer…)  

But, back on track.  I love these books.  The have 15 pages for June, 20 for July, and 15 for August along with two extra sections that can be done throughout the summer.  One on nutrition and exercise and the other on character traits.  So, we are doing a little bit of school each day and the kids are loving it, well, for Charlie he likes it, I’m not sure if I’d call it a love or not.  

The cool thing is though it comes with a chart for each month and I’ve tied it to the Disney Dollars (the currency of WDW!!!)  Anyways, for completing a month of work (oh, and they also have to read each day for 15 minutes and color in a book on the chart) they will earn $5 Disney Dollars.  So, that is taking up part of our day.  

This is a totally random picture…  Sophia pulled herself up in a chair earlier today and played at the piano for about 20 minutes straight.  My little Beethoven (and I just learned that I don’t know how to spell that man’s name… ptl for spell check.)  


Here’s one more glimpse into my world for you.  Yes, I will admit to be slightly crazy, or occasionally ocd…  every so often I get this NEED to go through CD’s or DVD’s (this time it was the DVD’s) and make sure the correct disk is the correct case, etc.  So, I spent an hour or so yesterday doing this well, they will not all fit in the drawers in our TV armoire.  I’ve known this before and had written numbers on all the tops and then made a master listing so that you could look at the list and pull the number.  That doesn’t work with children or husbands… so scratch that.  Well, I had a new idea yesterday that took another couple hours of my time and is still not done.  Here it is…

P6183471(Yes, labels… you can still see traces of my numbers…  Call me insane.  I don’t even know if the labels will continue sticking.  If they can hold out until we get a new thing… I have my eye on a tv/curio thingy at ikea or something similar.  Oh well…)

Enjoy your day.  We were going to head to water but unfortunately water is heading to us…  so I think it’s McD’s playland…


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