My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

It’s My Party…

and Sophia’s crying when she wants to. The youngest is having troubles today. She’s being left out.

Madeline and Charlie went through the classifieds today and cut out pictures of 38 dogs and 9 cats that they are planning and plotting to purchase and bring to live in their rooms… now, I will admit that we probably have room for a medium size pet but we are not getting a pet. I enjoy having a pet-free home as does Stephen… however, they have been making beds, picking out names, etc. for the last two and a half hours and they are getting along great. I’ve tried to caution them that they are probably not getting 38 dogs, or even A dog… but they are holding out hope for the savior called daddy… little do they know.

So, all that to say with them playing so well Sophia’s been on her own and has been shut out of many a rooms… and every time she’s rejected she comes whining, running and fake crying to me and gives me a big hug… so it’s working out okay for me…

Poor, last born child… I’m the oldest can you tell?!?


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