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One Pastor, Two Pastor, Three Pastor, more?!?

In my 28 years, almost 29 years of life I have had three pastors… I almost said two but them I remembered my own husband who accepted his first pastor-ship (is that the right word?!?) last September…  he’s doing an awesome job, if I must say so myself, and you can check the church and him out here

ANYways…  besides Stephen there are two men that have been a pastor to me in my life, in the life of my family, etc.  One of those men I had the privilege of becoming his granddaughter-in-law… Bro. Betts…  This is the man that baptized me, married me, dedicated my children, ate Sunday dinner with, etc.  

But before Bro. Betts was Bro. John.  Bro. John was our pastor when I was born in Gosnell, Arkansas.  My dad was stationed at Scotts … okay, it’s not Scotts, I just looked it up… I don’t the bases’ name but it was the Air Force Base there in good ol’ Arkansas.  I was born there and remember very, very little about it…  we moved when I was almost three to Scotts AFB in Illinois.  The weird thing is either right before or right after, not sure which, I was only three… Bro. John and his family moved to the area as well and began pastoring a local church there…  So, he continued to be our pastor.  For the few years that we were in St. Louis we moved to three different church buildings, not churches, just buildings for reasons that aren’t worth typing about… but we were always with Bro. John, his family, and our church family.  

I remember various things from our time there… Ms. Ruth playing the piano cross-legged, John-Boy’s (sorry John if you end up reading this but I remember you as John-Boy) star wars stuff (I THINK it was Star Wars), Rebecca’s bottom drawer of Barbies…FULL of Barbies!  I remember Bro. John getting on a ladder in the basement of a church we were ‘borrowing’ to illustrate how tall Goliath was… I also remember hoping he didn’t fall…  but, more than that…  those years with him started the foundation of faith in my life… while we were stationed there I sat with my mom in the extra room at our house (with bright blue carpet I might add) next to her sewing machine and asked Jesus to be my Forever Friend…  

Through the years we went back and visited a couple times and Bro John and Ms Ruth also came here once to visit… ironically, he took us on a tour of the historical things in our city…  Anyways, this family has meant a lot to our family and we’ve been able to keep in relative contact through the years… and that has been a blessing but the cool thing is that a few months ago I discovered Rebecca in blogland after Ms. Ruth emailed me site address and a) I’ve loved catching up with her and her family, and b) I’m insanely jealous of her crafty bones… check out her site, I won’t be the only one… 

But, the thing that started me on this post is this… well, I’ll just let Rebecca tell you…  click here and you’ll get a glimpse of the man that will be preaching the annual sermon at the SBC Convention that will be held in Louisville in a couple weeks…


2 responses

  1. Charity,

    This post gave me chills and made me cry, too.
    You are a dear, sweet, precious person. Thank you for these kind remembrances.

    And what I have in craftiness I’m sure you have equal ability (I remember your mother well and I’m sure you have inherited her talents). Most of my ideas are just ripped off someone else and adapted a bit. Look at the spiritual side of your blog. Such a blessing and such an inspiration. I could never hold a candle to that! Oh, and I’m a fairly lousy cook, too.

    P.S. Is it a sin to be jealous of someone’s conversion story? Because, getting saved right next to a sewing machine — wow. That’s special if you ask me! 🙂

    5 June 2009 at 11:47 am

  2. Love your churches web page! Hope your ministry is going well.

    6 June 2009 at 7:29 am

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