My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Graduation Day Has Passed…

Madeline’s last day of school was Tuesday… I have a THIRD GRADER (I almost typed a terd graders…)  Anyways, I’m feeling old!  I can’t believe that Maddie’s going into the third grade.  Charlie starts kindergarten this year but I’ve been ready adn waiting for that one… but third grade, seriously?!?

On Tuesday morning when she was getting ready she stopped and asked me, “Mom, can I have a graduation party?!?”  WHAT!  No, we do not have a graduation party for 3rd grade!  “Why, not?”  Because you’re not graduating!  “Can we celebrate?”  HUH?  Well, I suppose…  

We had strawberry shortcake and last night they stayed up to 11:00 watching a movie they got a the library.  Which by the way…  it was Hairspray.  Madeline had went to see with her aunt and uncle last year at the cheap theatre and loved it!  She’s really into musicals… anyways, so I didn’t think twice about it until watching it last night.  There’s a lot of innuendo’s in it…  also, I don’t think I’m the only that’s had to deal with this at some point in time but cheerleading… don’t get me started on cheerleading…  but Madeline has come home a couple times showing us cheers that have moves that aren’t exactly appropriate… nothing jaw dropping but a little too much motion in the pelvic region if you know what I mean…  So, I’m watching Hairspray and their dancing is borderline at times…  anyways, I’m digressing…  during the movie they are writing protest signs and one of the girls writes, “Integration not Segregation”  

“Mom, what do those words mean… GEESH!  

So, we had the whole discussion about racism, I didn’t actually introduce that word but the concept…  anyways, it was interesting.  

All that to say… I have a THIRD GRADER!


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