My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

On the Road Again…

So for some reason the last few weeks, well, really months have just felt crazy and I’m not really sure why.  Yeah, there’s been quite a few ‘special’ events going on but really…  our life is never normal so it should seem normal.  I think maybe it’s because we’ll have one busy week and then a slow week so I never seem to fall into a normal rhythm.  Oh well…  one thing that I had jumped full-hearted into after the first of the year was my goal to read the Bible through in a year and do the LPM challenge to memorize 24 in 12… 24 Scripture verses in 12 months.  I made it through several months going strong but I have drug myself through the last couple.

I have a confession… I have discipline issues.  I am not very self-disciplined, especially in long term areas.  Food/weight, memorization, etc. 

When one area goes… so goes the neighborhood.  So, knowing that I am back on the road again this morning…  scripture memorization will be my key to self-discipline…  I’ve got caught back up on the LPM Blog and I’m heading into summer determined…


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