My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

What Do You Dream About?

“Mom, what do you dream about?  You know whatever you dream about comes true at Disney, don’t you…”

That’s Charlie’s newest thing…  We watched the free DVD from Disney a couple weeks ago and so now we know what whatever you dream comes true at Disney…  I think I’ve mentioned that we have a trip planned to Disney World this fall, September actually and my excitedness comes and goes… I’m never not excited about if I think about it but it’s still over four months away…  But, this past week the bug has bit.  A blog that I keep up is by Amanda and her and her family just recently got back and she’s been posting about their trip and I’m dying!  Also, we are doing the meal plan and so in a little over two weeks I can make our reservations for our dinners so I’ve been looking through several websites and “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World” to narrow our choices.

I have prepared our Excel chart of dinner choices and lunch options by park.  I have started the packing list, as I’ve run across good ideas I might as well type them down.  I’ve started the ‘to buy’ list.  One of those items is Disney dollars.  On of the sites I’ve been reading it suggested instead of regular allowance or rewarding, allow your kids to earn Disney dollars that they can spend on souvenirs.  The only bummer is you can exchange Disney dollars at a park or at a Disney Store.  The closest one to us is Lexington, so I’m thinking of sending money with a friend who goes down quite a bit.  You can get them on ebay but they are over-priced.  (Disney dollars are $1 = $1)

So anyways, the Disney bug has bit, too…  but now it’s back to the real world of a couple loads of laundry, loading the dishwashing, vacuuming and making beds…  What do you dream about?!?


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