My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


Three weeks ago Stephen started a message series entitled, Parenthood.  When you go, well… you is a collective you… I am not preaching on parenting but as a pw it’s from the same house… anyways, when it started I was excited because it is a really good series with a lot of really good information BUT at the same time you will end with someone looking at you and your parenting.  

The past few months have had me beat up in the parenting battle.  If I were to list out the battle’s for you you’d probably shrug them off or wonder what my deal is but it had just left me feeling a little defeated.  It hasn’t been the big things… it’s been the little things.  The little attitudes that I don’t know how to kiss good-bye.  The little looks that I want to smack off little faces (but don’t, mind you…)  

This last week has been really nice.  We’ve still had some eye rolls, some of the bad looks, the bad attitude that wrecks like none other but what’s made it nice has been this…  we’ve had time at home.  Monday thru Wednesday of last week were crazy with various things but from then on we’ve had very little commitment and we’ve been able to spend time at home, or together away from home.  It has been wonderful!  

Thursday Charlie was supposed to have a ball game but it had been cancelled and we didn’t know about it… so the kids got to play on the playground for about an hour or so.  

Friday we went to the Reds game with Stephen’s mom and dad, Ashley, Drew and Grandma.  It was not a great game as far who won…  Stephen is a Indians fan and the Indians went down.  Their pitching stunk.  But none the less, we had fun.  The Reds stadium has a family section.  It’s in the left outfield and the foul poll is in the section.  The seats were great, they weren’t terrible price wise, but they weren’t the cheap seats.  But the best part… no alcohol.  The section was pretty empty…  I wonder why…  Anyways, they had fireworks afterwards and they were awesome.  Probably the best I’ve ever seen… they had them synchronized to music and they were really good and they went on for what seemed like forever.

Saturday was a plain ol’ Saturday.  We did some yardwork… I got my flowers planted.  (Side note… I think my marigolds are not going to make it…  They aren’t perking up…  We had rain last night so I’m hoping that gives them the boost they need.)  The only thing left for our yard for right now is mulch and I’d like to get a stump ground soon.  I went to a farm store that’s down the road a few minutes and picked up strawberries, corn, green beans, and peaches.  They were all pretty good…  We grilled chicken and enjoyed the night.  The kids ended up getting soaking wet…  Stephen let loose with the hose while he was watering my plants.  

Sunday was church… which was great… and then we had a graduation party to go to.  It was a guy from church so there were several families there that they kids could play with and they had a really good time.  We got our Sunday afternoon/early evening naps in and then watching the Cavs…

Our Memorial Day was really lite too… we went fishing with my parents at a pond around the corner from our house… let me clarify… the kids and Stephen fished with Dad… mom and I walked with Sophia around and around… and around and around.  Then we headed to a local park and had a cookout with Stephen’s family.  (Just a funny side note… while we were there this group started arriving… there were probably 30 to 50 people in this picnic shelter and the youngest was probably 70… seriously.  We figured they probably had some good food… casseroles… but we never ventured over.  

So, back to the parenting thing.  I in not way feel success in my parenting skills but… having time makes a huge difference.


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