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Batter Up…

This year Charlie started t-ball.  Let me say one thing… it is serious.  Not the coaches, parents, etc.  But for Charlie.  If I can say so, even though I’m the mom… he’s got a really good arm and some pretty good talent.  He has cracked us up several times before and after practices and games with some of the things he’s said.  His first game was a couple weeks ago when Stephen was in Atlanta and I was working the election so my mom and dad took him.  When they got to the field he said this, “Grammy, I think they’re gonna pitch to me tonight…”  In other words, I’m hitting the ball off the tee all the time so they’ll pitch to me tonight…

The next game I was taking him and when we pulled into the field he got a little frantic and said this, “MOM…  Coach said we have to practice hitting and pitching (throwing) every day… all I did yesterday and today was praciting hitting.  I didn’t get a chance to practice pitching (throwing)!”

If you haven’t experienced t-ball though it’s a world in itself…  there aren’t a whole lot of rules.  Game play consists of two innings and the entire team bats around.   There aren’t strikes so you simply swing until you connect with the ball.  Our coach has been really good with the kids, most of the coaches have been great with them.  They are on the field with them supplying instructions as needed.  

I’ll have to post some pictures of Charlie in his uniform because he’s daggone cute in it…  They have the socks, white pants, cleats, and then they have dri-fit buttoned shirt…  too cute.  (There are two girls on his team and they found baseball skirts… talk about beyond adorable!


One response

  1. t-ball is like herding cats . . .
    we love it. good times!

    29 May 2009 at 1:09 am

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