My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


So, yesterday was a car day…  Sophia and I embarked on a journey at 7:30 am with Ashley and Linda (m.i.l & s.i.l) and we headed to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to the Convention center there and to the mecca of Vera Bradley.  Now, initially I was not that into Vera because the prints were pretty granny-ish to me.  But, they’ve been adding some pretty cool prints lately.  However, there’s still the problem with the price… I can’t spend $50 on a cloth purse.  Leather, MAYBE… maybe.  But honestly, I ask for purses for Christmas because I know Stephen will spend $50 on a leather purse that will last and he picks out good ones.  I buy the non-leather ones that fall apart pretty quick.  So, anyways…  price is a problem.


Not at the outlet sale though!  This is my new purse… it was $18.  purseI also scored a couple other bargains such as a small purse for Madeline, $12, Mother’s Day gifts for our moms… I’ve never been this early before…  and also four door prizes for our upcoming women’s dinner…  I am super excited.  

The added bonus was spending the day out with the girls.  

So, I wil make a confession… up until a week or so ago I was clueless as to what an etsy shop was.  Clueless.  Finally, when a rediscovered friend was talking about launching one I looked it up.  How cool are etsy shops.  It’s like a new stay-at-home-mom income earner.   Anyways, very cool…

Embarrassing note about living in the parsonage…  our lawnmower has been in the shop for a week now.  Everyone in town knows this is the pastor’s house.  The length of our dandelions have now been discussed….  We are going shopping at Lowe’s today because we got the news yesterday that our lawnmower is shot.  Bummer, kinda… but Stephen’s looking forward to a new toy.  

Well, completely random thoughts on today… enjoy the weather and if anyone’s bored there are dandelions in our yard that could be calling your name….


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