My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…


“Oh Father, I know where Satan is attacking me right now… My frustration level has been high, my nerves raw, my self-pity swelling, my loneliness out of whack, and small stuff is sending me over the edge… Help me reign it in and put in perspective… Otherwise, I don’t respond well…”

The next few days will be fun… tomorrow I’m heading to the flowerman to order flowers for our ladies’ spring dinner. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it… we have got a great one lined up… a friend lined up Christopher & Banks to come in, take 10 of our ladies and provide clothes for them to model for us! The best part… it’s FREE! Seriously, check it out for your ladies’ thing… Anyways, so I’m heading south of town for that… then to Flower Factory to pick up plates and stuff for it… (all of $.75 or less per person thank you…)

Then, THEN… Thursday it’s off to the outlet… the Vera Bradley annual outlet sale in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Ash, Linda and I will be heading there and I’m hoping to score a couple door prizes at a steal… (Oh, and just in case… if you’re in my area and would like to come to our Ladies Dinner it’s May 14th and will cost you a small $6… You’ll see a fashion show sponsored by Christopher & Banks with a special “What Not to Wear” segment…

Well, that’s about all for now… we have idol on so toodles…


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