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So, two posts ago I made a confession that I was failing miserably at the whole housewife thingy because we had been super busy.  This week has been better…  We started out last Saturday evening by grilling cheeseburgers.  There is nothing better in all the world than being able to grill out.  Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful weather.  Then on Sunday we cooked out with mom, dad, and Sarah over at our house… chicken.  It was delicious.  (Oh, and I got a crazy deal on meat at our local grocerystore.  Groceryland, yes that’s the name, is pretty high priced being that it’s the only grocery store within fifteen minutes…  so I really don’t do a whole lot of shopping there.  However, I have been pretty pleased with their meat.  So, I went in our Saturday to grab some meat and they had this sale going on.  They had various meat marked with stickers: 4/$19.99.  I really didn’t pay much attention to them because I didn’t figure it’d be a very good deal, the packages would be small, etc.  But I started looking.  Here’s what I ended up with for $19.99…  2.75# Pork Roast, 3 Ribeye Steaks (They were thinner so I think the total weight was around 2#, but still!), 2# of Ground Round, and a Split Chicken Fryer (2 breast, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 legs).  All of that for $19.99.  I guess they run it every so often…  so I’ll be keeping my eyes open.  Anyways, that was a long tangent about meat…  So, we grilled, enjoyed the masters, well, kinda… it would have been more enjoyable if Phil M. would have been able to keep up his streak…  but he finished ahead of Tiger so really… it was an okay day.  


I’ll come back to Easter…  so then on Monday, hmmm….  I can’t remember what we ate.  Oh, it was some italian sausage, mushroom, pea lentil soup.  It was okay.  Worth trying but we’re really not into the whole lentil… healthy soup thingy.  Oh well, Tuesday we hosted the Semi-Annual GSAB at church so Stephen and I ate there while the kids at mac & cheese, broccali, and applesauce, then Wednesday was church supper and then last night…  again, another first for this season.  Pork Steaks.  If you have never had a pork steak you’re missing out, unless you boycott pork.  But you grill those puppies, put some barbeque sauce on it and whalaa…  a delicious meal that only needs a veggie and potato added to it.  

The verdict of this week’s eating out:  1.5 lunch.  I took Stephen a McChicken and ice tea from McD’s on Tuesday ($2), and yesterday we ate Subway ($14).  So, much better than what we had been spending.  (I never did add it up but I really don’t want to, I’d probably vomit.)  Tonight, it’s the ribeye… tomorrow, maybe burgers.  Who knows…

Thrifty Action of the Week:  Using stale hotdog buns for bread pudding.  It was delicious.  You couldn’t tell they were hotdog buns, plus I didn’t have to through them away.  I got the recipe out of the Betty Crocker cookbook.  It called for a run sauce but I just used vanilla and almond extract and the caramel sauce turned out really good.  

(Can you tell I’m enjoying a very quite morning in our house.)

Leading up to Easter was really busy for us.  We were trying to finalize a couple things for church and it’s just a busy, big holiday.  we had taken down some curtains in the lobby at church and a couple weeks we found this track system at IKEA that has 24″ panels that slide on it.  We picked out a set of really cool panels that are a little updated, yet not modern… if that makes sense.  


unknown.jpgWell, here they are…. and then we have thicker white panels to go behind them so sort of hide the brick and stuff.  Anyways, so we picked these up two weeks ago.  Went to hang them before Palm Sunday and realized that I didn’t buy enough brackets.  It’s a 150″ window and bought two… hello.  So, we went back to pick up more brackets and some side tables.  Got back, went to hang them last Saturday and realized that the rails that go on the top and bottom of each panel were the wrong size.  They had two sizes…  18″ and 24″.  And of course I bought all the wrong size.  Pooh…  So, I made my fourth trip to IKEA yesterday.  I believe we have everything now and we’ll be conquering them later today.  

To conclude this post here’s some random pictures from the last couple weeks… enjoy.

Busted...  She got into Charlie's PB.
Busted… she got into Charlie’s PB from his apples…

p4113149A girl’s gotta have her shoes…

p4113161Egg Dying Fun…



p4113173First Easter Egg Experience…

p4133190The newest face of Sophia…  AHHHHH!


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