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Tax Refunds…

So, I sat down here on the couch a few minutes ago and was pondering what I should post about since it’s been almost since forever since I’ve had a few minutes to spare and I decided I’d at least mention our awesome Saturday morning.

We were all up late last night. On Friday nights the kids can sleep together and normally they sleep in the living room and fall asleep watching a cartoon or movie. Well, last night, due to March Madness and the NBA Stephen was up with them. I shouldn’t say them… when Maddie is sleepy she goes to sleep. When Charlie is sleepy, every defense mechanism comes out… So, him and Stephen were up until I don’t know when… I went to bed around 11.

So, what made this Saturday morning glorious… every single person in this family was still asleep at 8:30. Everyone but me is still in bed… the kids are now in our bed watching Andy Griffith with Stephen.

So, I was going to post on that. Then I logged onto our bank account just to check the balance before the weekend and was totally thrown off by the balance I saw… our TAX REFUND was DEPOSITED LAST NIGHT! Can anyone say ‘Hallelujah!” I can.

We have several things that our return is going to be used for. One of them is, drumroll please… Disney World! I’m so pumped! We had decided to really make an effort to go this year a couple months ago. We began doing the math and knew that we’d need some help from our tax refund. In the meantime, my mom and approached us with a proposal. This year is the Year of the Military at Walt Disney World. That means if you know anyone who is either an active member of the military OR a retiree of the military they get into WDW with a 5 day part hopper for FREE! THEN, they can purchase up to five additional part hoppers for 1/2 price! THEN, the hotel rates are discounted about 40%. So, mom’s proposal was that we all head down together… mom, dad, Sarah, Stephen (brother/Stephen), Heidi, and our family. Since, dad is retired and Heidi is active we can purchase all of our tickets at that price. How cool is that?!? So, we’re heading there in September, and we’re saving significant money on our trip!

So, what’s our tax refund going to do?!?
1. Walt Disney World
2. A Marry ’em/Bury ’em Suit for Stephen (that would be a black suit in non-pastor language)
3. Possibly a computer for home…

Well, I have a few other thoughts but they do not go with this post, so until later…


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