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Right now we’re busy. I may have mentioned that several months ago I was hired to do the Elementary yearbook for Dixie. I really enjoy this sort of thing… my problem has been this: a concept never clicked… that is until last Friday. A week from my deadline. Yup… I do work better under pressure but man, how I wish that wasn’t true. I spent at least a little of every day last week up at the school and as of last night I feel really good about the book. I was able to come up with some pretty cool backgrounds and have 95% of all the candid shots taken that I’ll need. I have a few more to grab on Monday but nothing significant so I’m feeling really relieved.

So, my mind has been there… a lot. Then, we have church. Stephen’s secretary had the flu this week and became a grandma on Wednesday night so she was out of the office all week which meant that one day I answered phone and then Thursday I ran up and printed the bulletin. Neither were huge time consumers or even things that I don’t like doing they were simply something else that had to get done. The biggest part of that is the simple fact that most of the time Stephen didn’t have someone running interference for him which meant his work time was significantly reduced. He worked almost all day yesterday on his sermons and will head back today to finish up Sunday night’s. His am sermon is big…

We’re launching into 2/3 weeks of outlining our purpose statement, expectations, and vision for the church. The previous pastor had formed a committee to outline a transitional plan. They spent a lot of time on it and put it all in a resolution that was passed by the church a year and a half ago, or so. When we came, we had read the transitional plan and were really excited to see it come to fruition. Stephen started and had in his mind that he’d settle in and slowly begin the transitional steps this year… as in 6 months or so after starting. The church was chomping at the bit… so Stephen has had to hit the ground running. (Let me clarify the chomping at the big comment… no, change is not easy and no one LOVES change. It’s painful. However, the people want to reach this community and for the most part (again, the MOST part) they are willing to invest in change so that they can see growth… growth in the lives of those that need to find a Best Friend.

Back to the busyness… So, this next month is crazy. We are…
1. Launching a New Children’s Worship Hour
2. Renovating the Children’s Worship Room (paint, audio/visual equipment, chairs, etc.)
3. Launching Starting Point (a small group environment for new believers, seekers, or those that are coming back)
4. Renovating the Starting Point Room (paint and furniture)
5. Creating a Connections Room (a welcome area that will act as a coffee station. It will have the Starbuck’s feel and involves tearing down walls, painting, lighting, and decorating)
6. Finishing the Student Room (we’ve had inspection issues with the student room. Renovations were started a year ago and have taken forever because of nit-picky stuff…)

So, all that on top of Easter coming up and yeah, it’s a lot. Stephen doesn’t have to personally do each of those things but being a one person staff, he does have to touch each of those areas. While it’s overwhelming we are super excited about it. We have a burning desire to reach this community and so do the members of this church. We have seen a couple really cool things lately, including people coming through the doors of FBCnl that people swore they’d never see them in church. And they’re coming back!

So, swinging this post around to a close. Several weeks ago, I mentioned a dear friend of our’s had passed away, Wayne Monroe. it was the first time back to Vandalia for us since we’d left. That was weird. Not bad, just weird. Emotionally, I wasn’t sure how I’d handle it but it was a good return… not a good reason to return… the reason just downright stunk… But, we went to the viewing on Thursday and funeral on Friday and got to visit with so many people that are dear to our hearts. (If you are reading this and you’re one of them… we loved seeing you!) Some of these people were ones that have watched us grow up, or watched us grow into the ministry, or ministered to our children (Mr. Daryl & Ms. Cathy!), ones that we’ve done life with when life had been hard… you get the picture. The one thing that I remember hearing after all was said and was this… “We miss you guys but we’re excited for where you are and for what you’re doing…” These people: mentors, coworkers, friends, almost family, etc… it came down to one simple word… BUT… We miss you BUT…

In thinking back on that I realized that that needs to be a word in my vocabulary… Yes, it’s a lot of time, hard work, and effort BUT… it’s worth it if it helps one person meet their Savior. Yes, they should not be acting like that and they shouldn’t be rude, BUT… maybe they’re hurting, or maybe they need to meet the man that died for their sins. Yes, my children should obey the first time and should not drive me nuts… BUT they do, they’re kids and I need to be investing in them so they will want to make Jesus their Forever Friend. Yes, I really want that cookie BUT… I want my waist back more…

You get the picture… I want the but… but not a butt! (ha, ha… I know really stupid…)


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  1. You know, we’re experiencing a similar kind of thing at our church. We expected a lot of resistance to change, but they too are chomping at the bit to get things moving. In a way, that’s great. But in another way, it’s a little overwhelming when you’re still getting your feel for the people.

    16 March 2009 at 8:46 am

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