My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Oh, Mylanta…

So, my baby’s EIGHT YEARS OLD today! Man alive… it’s bittersweet! We decided to let her have a birthday party this year. She doesn’t have one bestest friend so we invited three, then we invited four… then added, five and six, then seven and eight! EIGHT eight year olds… holy cow!

We went bowling (there’s a local lane that lets you bowl for two hours plus shoes for $5! It looks like it did in 1960… I promise you it does!) The girls… girls… if you have girls all I have to do is say girls… if you don’t have girls, you need girls… Girls are such drama. They did great it’s just kinda like running interference all night…

Then we came back home, ate tacos, made bracelets, ate cake and opened presents. Stuck in HSM3 (which, confession time… I LOVE!) and ‘went to bed’. Not quite but they did do a great job settling down. I would guess they were asleep by 11:30… not bad in my opinion.

Anyways, it was a good time and it made me think through several things…

#1 – Girls are driven by insecurity. It’s amazing that it starts so young! Almost every dynamic we say I would say was influenced by insecurity.

#2 – The slip of a single tongue can cause a major rise and rift. (thus running interference…)

#3 – I want Stephen and I to have a home where our kids can bring their friends. It’s a fine line in my book between running interference and butting in… I tried to tread carefully. There was some stuff they talk about that is just plain silly or stupid… you pick, but they’re 8 year olds… when we did step it, in was because it stepped into mean, disrespectful, rude, or hurtful… Thank the LORD, none of the girls were major boy crazy! While watching HSM3, of course the “Troy is SOOO cute” conversation happened, but it was short lived…

Anyways, my windows are opened, my house is quiet and ALMOST put back together… my ears have listened to much and I’m a little sleepy but my baby had a good time…

PS… One interesting stat… we had a 5 out of 8 cry rate… (nothing major… I’ll just say it was hormones!)


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