My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

On a Lighter Note…

There are several things that I haven’t mentioned…

I got a new dishwasher! Our pump went out a couple weeks ago and the trustees were on the ball and went ahead a purchased a new one for us and it is nice and it cleans our dishes wonderfully! I had to hand wash dishes for a week and do you know how tired I was of that? (Okay, let me say this… I know that not everyone has a dishwasher, and I really do feel so blessed to have one, especially have not having one for a week…)

Sophia is a walking fool! All of the house. This child, I fear, is a diva. Right now she’s walking around, talking to herself, carrying a little purple purse of Maddie’s. She really thinks she’s something and she really is… but should she act like it?!? I have the hunch that we’re in for it with her.

If I had to describe my kids by colors I would say that Madeline is a jewel tone. Bold, rich, deep, with a hint of opal sparkle. Charlie is primary. Boy, boy, boy… and Sophia… well, I fear she’s NEON. (Did you notice that not one of my children is a pastel color?!?)

Well, hopefully, you enjoy your day, I’ve got to go clean the bathroom (Charlie’s been wrestling a stomach something the last day or so… fun, fun, fun…)

(Oh, and I won’t post this now, but we’ve got some exciting things coming up at church! Stephen’s starting a series this week called ‘Focus’. You’ll be able to catch it on Monday at


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