My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Sweet Sadness

My heart is heavy tonight and my eyes are burning. One of the most wonderful men you may have ever met had the priviledge of meeting his Maker today.

Wayne Monroe was a man that few can hold a candle to. Words are escaping me tonight but I simply feel like an old wound has been torn open yet again.

You see, the way I feel right (the non-official/non-pastors wife way) is that it simply stinks that earth is being robbed of its treasures… The men like pappaw and Wayne are priceless. And I know that Wayne is basking in our Saviors glory and I can’t wait to experience that. And I know that Wayne has been reunited with his son, Mike, pappaw, and so many others but for tonight I grieve.

I grieve for his wife, Miss Pauline, as the kids call her.

I grieve for his sons.

I grieve for his grandkids, Nick, Neil, Matthew , Morgan, Michael, and for Rachel who I’m sure wanted her pappaw to walk her down the aisle this summer.

I grieve for a church who has already experienced such loss in the past year and a half.
And I grieve selfishly that our Sophia won’t know this man who is Maddie’s words “always gave me suckers”

But tonight I do not grieve without hope. I grieve with the a community of believers that have been promised a reunion with those that have simply finished the race early.

Please pray for the Monroes this week. Thank you and goodnight.


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