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Sickees & HSAs…

I have three little sickees right now…  Last Thursday I took Madeline to the Dr’s for what turned out to be a sinus infection so she’s on good ol’ amoxicillian…  Charlie & Sophia started to kinda snot around over the weekend but man, it has gone full blown of the past two days.  You wouldn’t recognize Charlie, he’s got HUGE dark circles under his eyes, his eyes look blood shot (which he’s really just an eye rubber so his cold has moved to his eyes…), and he just looks sick.  Sophia had been snottin’ yesterday but today she woke up awful.  She’s been coughing like crazy, can’t drink her bottle really well because of her plugged nose, and her eyes are goopy.  

I went ahead and called the doctor and am waiting on a call back… oh AND, it’s a snow day with more snow coming so, I’d really rather not leave the house but I have a feeling they’re going to say, “Come on down…”  

Which brings me to another, “By the way…”  We switched our insurance this year (well, this month really…) I’ll let you know how it goes.  We did have our medical through a company called Guidestone, which is affliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (it’s also our retirement, AD&D, and life insurance holder) and they have been wonderful.  They are a solid company with excellent coverage and customer service.  However, their insurance has been going up every year.  For example, the policy that we had was an 80/20, $500/deductible/$1,000/family, $25/copay, $5,000/annual maximum which for us was really good coverage.  When we started with this policy the premium was just over $500 (and this was 4 years ago I think…)  Well, it’s crept up each year but this year it took almost a $100 hike… so we would be paying almost $800. 

Now, our church covers our insurance but they basically have a line item and it’s a use it or lose it type account that we can arrange however suits our family.  When we got notice about the price jump our finance guy helped us start looking for other options.  We ended up deciding to go with an HSA policy & account… I know that these aren’t new (new maybe, but not new) but for me, I hadn’t really looked that close at them because I kinda liked the security of know that if I go to the dr I pay a flat $25.  However, in trying to be a better steward, I think this is actually going to be a really good thing for our family.  I’m excited about it now, and we decided to try it at least for a year.  I’m waiting to see what our charges will be from Maddie’s visit on Thursday, but I think we’ll actually come out below $25…  maybe.  

Anyways, I know that probably few of you care about HSA’s & insurance, but I’d venture to say that if you’re tied the ministry some how it’s at least been the topic of several conversations for you and your husband…  (just an fyi… if you’re look, Guidestone has a great HSA option – if you’re SBC, if not both Anthem & Goldenrule have great options, too, right around the $300/$350 mark…)


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