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The Promise Land or God’s Glory…

I’m tired… (If I used the word y’all I would have just said it… “I’m tired y’all”)  It’s been a really good weekend but it’s left me wiped.  I went to Columbus Friday and Saturday for a worship conference put on by the state convention.  To be honest I was nervous.  Sometimes times things are good and somethings things are not so good… not bad, just not so great.  I will say on the record…I was pleasantly surprised.  The biggest blessing was the speaker, Mike Harland, from Lifeway.  He’s the worship director at Lifeway and was a phenomenal speaker.  A little big of Mississippi drawn, a little bit of southern charm, a smattering of humor, a tremendous passion for inciting true worship, and a powerful message.  I went with three friends from FBCnl, Sheri, Wendy, and Evan and had a ball…

Stephen had the kids and after I thought I had it all worked out Stephen ended up having a last minute commitment at church (the pastor’s life) so his mom and dad came over and helped shuffle Madeline to her Upwards game and took care of Soph and Charlie.  I even heard that Nana played Mario with Charlie…  

We had a great day today.  Worship was good and Stephen’s message was really good.  It was on the power of the tongue.  (check it out  

I suppose I will wrap this up here, my eyes are getting heavy… but I have one last thing to share, mostly because I want to be able to remember it myself later on.  I love going to conferences and learning… I really enjoy learning, especially things that I’m fascinated with and church is one of them.  I could talk church all day long…  Anyways, Mike Harland used a story that I had either never heard, or never got before.  It’s in Exodus 33 and it takes place after the Israelites had made the golden calf and were punished for that.  God offers the Promised Land to the Israelites right then and there, but there was a catch…

God said to Moses: “Now go. Get on your way from here, you and the people you brought up from the land of Egypt. Head for the land which I promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying ‘I will give it to your descendants.’ I will send an angel ahead of you and I’ll drive out the Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. It’s a land flowing with milk and honey. But I won’t be with you in person—you’re such a stubborn, hard-headed people!—lest I destroy you on the journey.”  (vv 1-3)

I never knew that God offered the Promise Land to them… but they would have gotten it without Him.  Here’s the deal…  what is it that we dream of for our lives?  We all have them, I do.  I want to do things, big things for God…  I want to be influential… I want to be a part of changing the world…  You know, the BIG ones…  How much more vivid could the Israelites dream than the Promised Land?  So God says, 

“Okay, here it it…  it’s yours but I can’t stand to take another step with you because you make me mad.  But, I have promised this to you, you are my chosen people, and I will deliver…  so have at it… Good-bye and good riddance….”

Mike posed this question:  Would you rather have God’s best, the Promise Land, or would you rather have God’s glory–not matter what that looked like?  

He shared about his father-in-law who surrendered to the call of ministry after being married and having three children and the sacrifices they made in pursuit of his calling.  he served in several smaller churches in the south before planting a church in southern Tennessee, which is where he spent the rest of his days.  He recounted one night when he went on visitation with his father-in-law and while in the car he pulled out a notebook with drawings of all the streets in that community along with names and ‘status’… he had kept a journal of every contact he made iwth every house in that town.  He had names next to every home.  And he served in that small town faithfully, and passionately for the rest of his years.  He passed away a few months ago and while preparing for his funeral his mother-in-law told Mike that there would probably only be familyl there because he had retired about 5 years ago and had been sick.  As the hour for the funeral to start drew closer the church that he had built began to fill up, then they had to bring in more chairs, and ended up just standing… there were people there that had driven hours because they had to pay tribute to the man that showed them the way to the Savior… they were the names in that notebook…  

He never had ‘it all’… but he sought God’s glory.  

That’s what I want.  Truly.  I have dreams of a bigger life sometimes.  I have my dream house wish lists.  But really, I want to be used, effectively.  I want it to be said of me that I served faithfully when I go to meet my Maker…

Moses said, “Please. Let me see your Glory.” v18

Father, please reveal your glory to me.  Show me where you want me to walk and where I can do the most for you.  I want to know you more tomorrow…  Please teach me discipline so that I can better serve you.  I’m committing my tomorrow to you… I want to see your glory, use me however you see fit…  


2 responses

  1. amen and amen.
    i’ve been studying exodus and leviticus in BSF this year as we study the life of moses. it’s some pretty amazing stuff, and i reallly love the story you described. i love the end of exodus even more, as the israelites proved they could obey as they built the ark, the tent of meeting, the table for the offerings, etc. by folllowing God’s instructions explicitly. and God’s glory descends on them.
    as i marvel at that and what that must have been like, i realized that i was not all about wanting that for myself.
    why is that?
    well, as i thought more about it, it comes down to obedience. and bending the knee. i’m still having authority issues. and i’m aware of it (which i guess is a good beginning)
    i’ll be working on that whole “dying to self” thing today.
    i am pretty excited about the holy spirit’s involvement in this. because i sure couldn’t do it without Him.

    26 January 2009 at 7:14 pm

  2. Heidi

    You need to just give in and use the word “y’all”. 🙂 We miss you guys!

    27 January 2009 at 12:54 am

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