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My Day Needs to Move it, Move it…

Well, my day officially started a few hours ago and I have gotten some stuff accomplished but I need to kick into gear… but I wanted post a few thoughts first…

A few weeks ago Stephen preached a sermon called, “Asking Big” and the premise is that as Christians a lot of times we only ask God about things or for things that would naturally happen and very few times do we ask for something outrageous. Here’s my honest thoughts… I am not really comfortable asking for big things because in my mind I classify it as a failure and I despise failure. There are several things that I have written down over the past three weeks that I have been praying for that are beyond any human’s capacity however, does it count if you’re praying it and not fulling expecting it? But then how does it balance with accepting the perfect will of our Father if it doesn’t happen?

I’m not bogged down by these thoughts but, they are my unanswered questions right now… I think probably the one person I know, not ‘know’ personally but through blogland, that probably succeeded in this type of praying is Angie Smith, who lost her daughter about 9 months ago after a battle in the womb…

The thing is, I struggle to define a ‘big’ request. There are some of my requests that I believe God will do in time no matter what, but I’m praying for them THIS year and believing them thoroughly for THIS year, there’s a decision that we are going to be making that I would like clarity on, but then there’s those that we love that need healing in certain ways… physical, protection for unborn children, spiritually, and mentally…

Anyways, I’m not sure any of that made sense, probably not. We had lunch yesterday with Joe and Ira who we met through church several weeks ago. They are getting ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime with their two boys, 2 & 4 yrs. They will be heading to somewhere in the Balkins in Eastern Europe where Joe will be employed. They’ve got a lot more on their plate than can be shared, in fact, even their friends don’t know where exactly they are moving to. They are waiting on their visas, which should come any day now and then they’re off. Would you keep their safety and transition in your prayers.

Well, my day is calling…


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