My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

New Year’s Eve…

On Sunday, Stephen preached about asking big… He’s also challenged me to think about some things that we can pray for together that’s big… So, I am… I’m not sure what they’ll include yet but I’m working on them.
I’ve never been very good with New Year’s Resolution because (and I just figured this out a couple years ago…) when I make them I make them too big and then when I start to fail I sabatoge myself so that I know why I’ve failed instead of having to admit that I couldn’t do something. (It’s part of the discouraged perfectionist curse that K. Lehmen talks about in his birth order books… which by the way I’m currently reading his new one, “The First Born Advantage”… It’s good so far!)
Anyways, this year I definitely have some goals and some big things that I want to pray about but I’ve got to figure out how to chronicle them to make them smart goals…
Smart Goals are something that Marci (a friend of mine) introduced me to several years ago when I was working with her on my weight loss. I can’t remember the ‘s’ but it’s basically an acronym….
S – ?!?
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Time Frame
So, while I ponder my next post, which will probably on my resolutions, I will leave you with that acronym so that maybe it will help you in your goals for the new year… Make them SMART!
Stephen & I are heading to dinner and a movie tonight… we’re not sure where, when, what, or with whom, but we’re heading out on the town. His parents invited the kids (Maddie & Charlie) over for the night and mom is going to keep Sophia if we find a movie to our liking.
Well, I need to go rescue my frog out of the bathtub… Charlie’s turning into a prune..


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