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The Gravy…

So, I’m catching up, finally… I few minutes. I probably won’t post everything I have to post but first things first…

Can anyone tell me how to make brown gravy for fried pork chops! I can’t do gravy!!!

Sophia was enjoying herself though…


(Yes, it’s sideways… I don’t feel like rotating it since I don’t know how to do it in WordPress…)


One response

  1. My gravy has turned out like that before too… so don’t feel bad! Here’s how I do gravy when we have pork chops… just add 1 can of cream of mushroom soup to the pan drippings and then add milk to thin it out.

    If you want the brown gravy, add flour/milk to the drippings and stir it briskly with a wire whisk while you add each. And keep it on a low/medium heat setting. 😉

    31 December 2008 at 2:00 am

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