My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

The Tree’s Up

This is the progression of our week(end)…  

I attempted Christmas pictures the other day for Christmas cards.  Unfortunately, the best picture that turned out the best is missing 1/3 of our children…  It was not a great experience…  I thought trying to photograph two was hard… huh!  Try three!
This was our second best…  and it was not a best at all!  Needless to say we chucked the idea for another day..pb262289

This is Soph with our tree in our kitchen…  We ended up getting a beautiful tree (a Douglas Fir, I think!)  We ‘upgraded’ to an 8′ instead of a 6′ this year and we had to chop off almost a foot to get it to fit!  (The star’s a little crooked and the tree’s slightly leaning but it’s our beautiful tree!)


Here’s our Mary… she went with the serious disposition…  (If only I knew how to take better pictures… inside productions & gyms always turn out awful!  Any suggestions?!?)


So the tree went up and was decorated… the Christmas outfits purchased… so why not try the photo shoot again… we started out great, Maddie was cooperating wonderfully!


Sophia did okay…


Then Charlie…  need I say more?  (A picture’s worth a thousand words, or rather whines…)


So, here’s our best family picture (again, not that great!)


So, still not happy with any shots I ended up using previous pictures and coming up with a card.  It’s ordered and should be in by Friday at Walmart.  They were nice enough to let me pick up my envelopes today so that I can get those addressed.  

Well, it’s bedtime so until later!


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