My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

My Mary & Wiseman

I haven’t posted a whole lot about the kiddos and they’ve got some big stuff coming up so I figured I’d give you a dose of Maddog & Chuckroast…

Before I start, have I mentioned that I am so happy with the school district we are in.  Although it’s a public school there is a lot of Christian influence throughout the district including Maddie’s principle and the superintendent.  Anyways, for Christmas, the cafetorium isn’t large enough so we, FBCnl hosts all the programs this coming Saturday (how cool is that?!?)  AND to top it off it’s got several faith based (CHRISTmas) elements in it.  So, several weeks ago Maddie came home ‘singing’ “Away in a Manger”.  Now, ‘singing’ is ‘singing’ because to be honest, Maddie can’t carry a tune very well.  We’re not sure if she’s just over exuberant and doesn’t care that she isn’t on pitch, or whether she can’t be on pitch… either way…  Back to the ‘singing’… she says, “Mom, I’m going to ask Ms. Reisner if I can sing a solo…”  I almost wrote a note…  I didn’t.  So, Maddie comes home the next week and says, “MOM!  Guess what!  I get to be Mary”  (Oh my, is this a solo position?!?)  “Maddie, do you have to sing or say any lines?”  “Nope, I’m just Jesus’ mom!  I have to stand still for THREE songs!” 

What a great political move!

Now to Charlie…  He comes home today and says they are having a Christmas program.  

“The other class is doing the manger scene but we have ‘other’ parts.” 

“What part do you have?”

“Well, me Zach Q, & Matthew have a very IMPORTANT part.”  

“What part is that?”

“Well,…”  so-in-so is this and so-in-so is that…

“So, Charlie, what’s your very important part.”

“Oh, we have to bring gifts to baby Jesus…”

“Oh, you’re wisemen…”

“Yup… we’re the wisemen, me, Zach Q, and Matthew have a very IMPORTANT part…”

So, the Betts children are Mary & a wiseman!  Poor Soph… doesn’t have a job.  (She’s a piglet at the manger…)


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