My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

Family, Fun, & Finds…

We survived Thanksgiving quite well…  we were stuffed (way too much food within hours!) 

On Thanksgiving morning we all got up (not too early though) and spent several hours watching the parade and looking through sale ads mapping our course for Black Friday…dum, da, dum…

We had dinner at Stephen’s family’s around noon and then we headed to my mom and dad’s around 4:30 pm.  We had a great day and ended up taking the kids to see ‘Bolt 3D’  It was really good.  As soon as the movie ended Charlie bounded up and exclaimed that he loved it!  

Our night didn’t end there… well, not really ‘our’ night, just mine.  I kissed my husband and kids good night and headed to the outlets with Sarah (sister), Heidi (sis-in-law), Linny (aunt), and mom.  It was crazy!  We’ve never done anything like that at all and in fact it was Heidi & Sarah’s first experience at Black Friday shopping.  

Jeffersonville was an experience.  We had to shop across the highway in a field and take a shuttle…A SHUTTLE!  We ended up walking because we didn’t see one coming anytime soon…  the funniest part of the night happened next.  Let’s just say it was 11:30 pm after a lot of turkey and pie and we ended up having to hop a fence…  one of us decided to jump off the fence and ended up rolling/flipping/tumbling down the hill… it was QUITE funny and all I’ll say is that it wasn’t me!  

I got some good deals at a few stores, ate waffle house at 3:30 am and got home around 4:30 am.  I was able to get about 3 1/2 hours of sleep before the kids started waking up…  then we got up, dressed, and headed out for a day of shopping…  

We shopped for 11 1/2 hours on Friday and we are pretty much done.  I have 2-$10 gifts still to buy, 2 gift cards to pick up, 1 regular present to purchase plus a couple small things for each kid AND they’re wrapped… that was last night’s joy.  Wrapping presents and watching Hallmark movies at Christmas, does it get much better than that?  I think not!

We’ll get our tree this week and two other projects that I need to finish up…  I have stuff to make an Advent calendar and I need to fix our tree skirt.  I made our tree skirt our first year we were married and I like it but I made it too short.  It covers the base but it doesn’t lay very nice so I need to go and get some corduroy and extend it several inches.

So, that’s about all.  I have another post but they are two separate thoughts so I’m going to post them separate as well as update my header picture.  So, until later!


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