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Catalyst One Day…

So, we made it back from very snowy Northern Indiana.  We ended up spending the night at a hotel in Elkhart which was only about 15 minutes away from Granger…  we obviously didn’t get very far.  We started out on the 80/90 toll road and when twice we couldn’t see FIVE feet in front of us and we watched a truck fishtail from one side of the highway to the other, back, and back again, AND we ourselves slide several times, we called it a night…  If this tells you how bad the roads were for us we got to the hotel about 7:45 and there was a movie theatre and a shopping center very close and we didn’t go to either…  

Yesterday was a great day.  The conference was great.  It was Catalyst One Day and it was held at Granger Community Church in Mishawaka, Indiana.  GCC is a beautiful campus. Their pastor spoke during one of the Q&A sessions and seems like a very grounded, humble man who God has used tremendously in the past 22 years there.  The speakeres were Andy Stanley from Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta, GA and Craig Groeschel from Lifechurch in ?!?  (I never heard what state he was in!)

I have heard Andy speak many times and it’s always a homerun for me.  He is such an amazing communicator…  however, I must admit I had never heard of Craig Groeschel, okay, I think I may have heard his name once from my friend Pam, but I didn’t remember it, I do remember her talking about LifeChurch though.  He surprised me with how well he spoke.  Him and Andy are very different communicators and even people… but God has used them both tremendously and they both have humble spirits about them and are in it for the sake for the sake of the Gospel…  They both seem committed to ‘mentoring’ those around them so they can succeed, or rather, so they can experience a ‘win’ for the Kingdom. 

The conference was a timely event for Stephen and I. It was an encouraging time and a okay, let’s do this thang… time.  

Oh, and I forgot to mentioned that Steve Fee led worship.  At first it was slightly disappointing because for the Oneday Venues they decided to do an unplugged worship (accoustic set) instead of a full band BUT worship was amazing, none the less…  Steve shows a great example of how a hymn can be relevant and be used for a modern worship service.  

One disappointing thing though:  I have connect with Michelle Wegner, she a blogger and a GCC pastor’s wife, and we had talked about meeting each other.  Well, morning of the conference I left my phone in the trunk of the car and I literally missed Michelle probably by FEET!  She was in the main atrium area where I was during a break but because I didn’t have my phone with me I didn’t know to specifically look for her!  Bummer, man.  

Okay, I’ve debated on sharing this funny story because, well…. just because.  But I figure if you’ve read this far you ‘deserve’ a laugh… so we were getting ready for the conference on Thursday am and Stephen was getting ready in the bathroom so I washed my face, got my toothbrush ready, etc. so I could finish up out in the room.  I started to brush my teeth and couldn’t figure out why the toothpaste was foaming but figured it was a travel kind of something I don’t normally use so that was probably why.  Nope… not at all…  My tongue started tingling and going numb… you want to hear something dumb…  really embarrassing… and pretty funny… and honestly sickening…  (I almost threw up!)  I brushed my teeth with Vagisil.  How GROSS Is that!!!  I thought I was going to HURL!  

So, that was our day on Thursday and Friday we got up and drove home.  We went tonight to Hobby Lobby and picked up a stocking for Sophia, kinda.  We’re doing some swapping around but essentially we got one for Sophia (and our next child to come… NO I’m not pregnant… we just like even numbers so we’re planning on one more…)  Then we came home and made a couple Christmas decorations while eating LaRosa’s pizza, cookies, and watching Home Alone…  An evening doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Oh, I almost forgot… one more highlight from Thursday…

Andy Stanley, Stephen & I

Andy Stanley, Stephen & I


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  1. Well, I cringed as I read this post, not because of you brushing your teeth with Vagisil, but becuse now that I see your photo up close, I am 90% sure I saw you in the Atrium. sigh.
    well, Next time! Where do you guys live anyway? That weather was horrible. I hope you made it home ok. We saw lots of people in ditches on the way to Chicago yesterday.

    22 November 2008 at 10:52 pm

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