My life is simply that. A weaving. We live in small town USA and I'm living a life I love…

‘No Soup for You’… Almost.

So, today was a Monday, but it was a pretty good Monday.  It was normal.  Normal days are good…  normal is a blessing.   

I was able to sit in peace during the day today and take in the Word…  I’m adjusting to life in NL but there are moments when something comes over me so heavy that I really don’t think I can breath and the tears want to come instantly.  Most of the time it’s when I hear one of the kids lamenting something from our ‘old church’.  Charlie was talking to Ms. Teri the other day (Stephen’s secretary who is a huge blessing to our lives!) and looked up in the middle of a conversation and said, 

“Ms. Teri…  you know sometimes I just miss my old church and those friends…”

And really, I think that sums it up.  Normally, when I get that feeling it’s either as I’m talking with a dear friend from Vandalia, after just hanging up with one, or fi I can’t get ahold of someone…  That’s when Satan comes in and starts the isolation game.  He doesn’t want me comfortable here.  He doesn’t want Stephen to be effective here and what better way to create a lame duck than to create a squeaky wheel…  

Anyways, during my peace this morning I was on Psalms 125 in Steppin’ Up and wouldn’t you know it but God spoke through Beth’s writing directly at this today…  God is so good.  

As the mountain surrounds surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His people both now and forevermore.  Psalm 125:1

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.  Psalms 34:7

You hem me in–behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.  Psalms 134:5

There is such peace and security in those truths.

On a lighter note… I TOTALLY burnt dinner tonight.  I should have taken a picture to document the mess it made but I didn’t.  Words are not enough to describe the mess.  I had made potato soup and it was working on becoming a very good pot of soup!  I went on an errand with the kids, came back home, in the 40 minutes it took to get to Englewood and back my entire pot of milky substance had boiled over and fused the pot to the burner.  Luckily, we have a flat-top stove… The yuck had also fused the lid with the pot.  It was AWFUL.  And the stench… oh the stench… It’s the only word for it.  Stephen had to run out a few minutes ago and when he returns I know I’ll hear, “Oh, Charity… that smell is awful…” again.  I’ll probably think that for the next week because that will be how long it takes to clear!  On an upside though I was able to salvage the potatoes, corn, and ham out of the pot, add more milk and we still had soup.  

We had a good day at church yesterday.  I’m learning names… hallelujah, praise Jesus!  I am NOT a name person and God is being so gracious and aiding my memory.  I don’t have everyone, not even close, but I am able to remember a few new names each week.  I’m still seeking a job.  Not just any job.  Just the job God would have me do here at FBCnl.  I’m really in a quandary (isn’t that a neat word?)  Right now here’s the run down…

Sundays… I sing in the choir.
Wednesdays… I ask Shelly if anyone is missing from AWANAs and I fill in (no commitment)
   I practice with the choir for Sundays and the Christmas Cantata. (I never knew Cantata was spelled with an ‘a’ I always thought it was Contata…)
I have also re-papered the bulletin boards with black cloth, made up announcement slides for one week, and I think that’s it.  

I just don’t know.  Maybe we could just put it to a church vote…
[   ] Sing in the choir
[   ] Play the piano, when needed
[   ] Work in the nursery
[   ] Help with Children’s Worship
[   ] Help in AWANA
[   ] Help update Church databases
[   ] Create publicity pieces
[   ] Create  announcement slides
[   ] Just sit pretty
[   ] Volunteer my time in the kitchen
[   ] Offer my help in decorations
[   ] Volunteer to help with the Students
[   ] Help plan a women’s event
[   ] Lead a new women’s Bible Study 

I really don’t want a church vote on what I should do, I just am at a loss.  I am praying through a couple of the items above and we’ll see where God leads.  I do know that right now I am loving being able to be a fulltime mom which means three meals a day (most days), ironing shirts for the office, washing clothes, doing dishes, and trying to unpack the rest of the boxes that remain in the garage, OH AND cleaning the house (bathrooms in particular… 5 year old boys are  GROSS!)


3 responses

  1. Well, it is me here, your Siesta Ornament Exchange sister 🙂 Your family is precious looking. I will have to read more on your bloggy when I get time. I can tell you must have moved recently, and I moved for the very first time in my whole life 4 years ago. Although, I have missed my family and friends dearly, I can’t imagine where I would be spiritually without this move. Keep sharing your experience with others…

    Blessings and will send you my info tomorrow 🙂

    11 November 2008 at 11:57 am

  2. Just dropping in from “Siestaville” and wanted to say hi! While I am not married to a Minister or know the pressures of being a Minister’s wife I do know what it’s like to move around due to my husband’s job. We have lived away from our family our entire married life and it was especially hard when our children were small. No grandparents to babysit ocassionally so we could get away for even a few hours! No Mom to it and have a cup of tea with so I could whine and complain and so on. Instead, it fused our hearts together even closer than they would have been had we had family support nearby. Not only that, it’s a season where God has opportunity to be your all sufficiency. Just remember that you’re never alone and besides the Lord, you can drop in on any of us siestas anytime you choose!
    Connie Hopkins

    11 November 2008 at 8:14 pm

  3. How about hosting a women’s tea? I was thinking about doing that. I thought we could have “girl time” and share testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness in our lives. It would be a great way to connect on a deeper level with other women in the church, and also a way for them to get to know you.

    12 November 2008 at 3:12 am

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