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At Last…

I’m coming up for air, finally… no not really.  Today was good.  It was normal and good.  Laundry, bathrooms, dishes, you know the norm.  

The last two days have been busy ones…  I have worked for the board of elections the past several elections and continued to do so this year.  I love doing it and it’s good CHristmas money.  On Monday, I went out and set up 8 precincts with the voting machines and stuff.  I had to go to the BOE office downtown several times and that place was NUTS!  I swear that the media made things into chaos that shouldn’t have been.  Point One:  Voting early, what was the deal?!?  Point Two:  Our precinct yesterday was busy from 6:30 – 9:00, after that no longer that a 20 minute wait.  

Yesterday went pretty well (okay, let me clarify…  our precinct ran well.  We had  a great voter turnout and everyone was very cooperative.  We didn’t have any fiasco’s and my workers were great, for the most part.  

I haven’t blogged a lot about politics because I really do love them and if I get going I can go on and on and on and I really shouldn’t.  Politics and religion, you know… I love to talk about either and both.  

So here’s all I’m going to say:  (Let me preface this by saying my personality lends itself to either the Devil’s advocate or the glass half-full.)  Today, my challenge was trying to explain to Charlie why we have to pray for ‘Obama”, why we have to call him “President Elect Obama”, etc.  That’s really hard.  I took about ten minutes and finally Charlie looks up at me and says, “Nope… I’m not going to pray for him…”  Lord, please help me.  

I am disappoint in the results but there were a few blessings in the night…  a friend, Seth Morgan, won his State Congressional seat in Ohio (yeah Seth and Debra), there remains a balance of power in the house and the senate, and people voted!  A TON OF THEM!  And people, a lot of them, not all, but a lot of them, didn’t sit idly by.  I heard a friend at church say, “I voted for nothing yesterday…”

Please hear me!  Each and every vote counts and matters…  It does!  It did!  It will!  If you had not vote yesterday there would not be 46% of America that voiced it’s concerns.  46%!  That’s a huge number that will have to be heard.  

(Okay, I’ve typed, erased, typed, erased, typed, erased…) Basically, my God is in control.  America has gotten the President we voted for.  I will and have begun praying for President-Elect Obama, his wife and kids… they will need our prayers as they enter into this season in their lives.  It is just that…a season.  God sets up leaders and brings them down.  God continues to work no matter who is in the White House and it’s up to us how loud and clear His message goes forth…  Let’s get busy.  I’m know there has been talk of “the end is coming”… if it is, What are we waiting for?!?  

Four years, it seems like a short amount of time… then I look at Sophia and realize she’ll be almost FIVE!  Four years, what will I do with the four years ahead of me?  Will I maximize every opportunity?  Will I be able to impact my children in such a way that they will grow to pray earnestly for each leader of this great nation?  Four years…  we’ll see.  

May God bless America…  may be grant us mercy and grace.


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  1. I echo your sentiments on the election in so many ways! Ally asked me last week “What is ‘bortion?” and I tried to delicately explain that abortion is when people hurt babies that still live in their mommy’s belly. Ally is now praying every night “Dear Jesus, please live in Barat Obana’s heart cause he’s a mean man and he sins and hurts babies and that’s ugly. Amen.” And the passion in her young heart challenges my own prayer life everytime. 🙂

    6 November 2008 at 11:58 pm

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